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Sidya Touré
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Sidya Touré (born 1945) is a Guinean politician. He was Prime Minister of Guinea from 1996 to 1999 and is currently the President of the Union of Republican Forces (UFR), an opposition party.
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[edit]Prime Minister

He was appointed as Prime Minister on 9 July 1996, becoming the country's first Prime Minister since 1984. He was succeeded by Lamine Sidimé on 8 March 1999.
[edit]Opposition leader

After leaving the government, Touré became an opposition leader; he is currently the President of the UFR.[1][2]
After Touré organized a rally in the Conakry suburb of Gbessia in late 2003, student riots broke out, and as a result Touré was detained and questioned. Subsequently, in late April 2004, he was arrested and detained for one night. Touré was charged with plotting to overthrow the government, and although he was released on bail, he was barred from politics and from travelling to other countries. He was cleared of the charges by an appeal court in July 2004.[1]

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