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Ray Suarez

Ray Suarez
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This article is about the news correspondent. For Chicago alderman, see Ray Suarez (politician).
Ray Suarez

Suarez in 2007
Born Rafael Suarez, Jr.
March 5, 1957 (age 52)
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Education BA, New York University and an MA, University of Chicago
Occupation Journalist, Anchor
Spouse(s) Carole Suarez
Children Rafael, Eva and Isabel
Ethnicity Puerto Rican
Religious belief(s) Episcopalian
Notable credit(s) The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Talk of the Nation, American RadioWorks
Rafael Suarez, Jr. (born March 5, 1957), better known as Ray Suarez, is an American broadcast journalist. He is a senior correspondent for The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, an evening news program on the PBS television network. Suarez joined The NewsHour in 1999. He is also currently a host of the international news and analysis public radio program, America Abroad, from Public Radio International. Previously, he hosted the National Public Radio program Talk of the Nation from 1993-1999. In more than 30 years in the news business, he has worked as a radio reporter in London and Rome, a Los Angeles correspondent for CNN, and a reporter for the NBC-owned station WMAQ TV in Chicago.
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[edit]Personal life

He was born in Brooklyn, New York, and graduated in 1974 from John Dewey High School. In 1975 he earned the rank of Eagle Scout in the Brooklyn Council.[1] Suarez earned a BA in African History from New York University and an MA in the Social Sciences from the University of Chicago.[2] He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife, Carole, and three children, Rafael, Eva and Isabel. Suarez is deeply religious, and active locally and nationally in the Episcopal Church (United States). [3]
[edit]Career and publications

He is the author of the 1999 book The Old Neighborhood: What We Lost in the Great Suburban Migration: 1966-1999[4], a social commentary on the causes of the destitution found in the inner city. He also authored the 2006 book, The Holy Vote: The Politics of Faith in America,[5] which examines the way Americans worship, how organized religion and politics intersect in America, and how this powerful collision is transforming the current and future American mind-set. The book is beginning to gather accolades for its timeliness and fair coverage from many sides of the issue. Suarez was a contributing editor for Si Magazine, a short-lived magazine depicting the Latino experience in the U.S.
Suarez currently hosts the program Destination Casa Blanca, produced by HITN TV. The program covers Latino politics and policy for a national audience from Washington, D.C.
Suarez has contributed to many other books, including How I Learned English, Brooklyn: A State of Mind, Saving America's Treasures, and About Men. His columns, op-eds, and criticism have been published in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune.
He co-wrote and hosted the 2009 documentary for PBS, Jerusalem: Center of the World.

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