Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fidel Castro Comentarios en You Tube

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RetroBites: Fidel Castro (1959)
Added: 10 months ago
From: CBCtv
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13603609498 (10 months ago) -4 Reply

metrovsky (9 months ago) -3 Reply

crazymetti (9 months ago) -2 Reply
viva fidel

nicaragua555 (9 months ago) -2 Reply

Livingrevolutionary (9 months ago) -2 Reply
tyrant, liar

Bigsui1 (9 months ago) -2 Reply
hero!!!1 Viva la revolucion

auckie (8 months ago) 0 Reply
Why people don't like him ?
Americans are brain washed by their media to think he is a tyrant.

prosim85 (8 months ago) 0 Reply
Liar Liar Pants In Fire!!
Such a maldito turd!

FranciscoBonito (8 months ago) 0 Reply
im not american and he is a tyrant...

km2711 (7 months ago) -2 Reply
Castro is nothing but a 2-bit Marxist thug...
Typical lying lowlife--who had to, naturally, bulls_ _ t everyone in the media that would listen.
Ask about his opinion on gay rights, etc.
He "doesn't think the communists could get control ..."
Lie-lie-lie--that's what Marxist Communism is all about...
popgyrl (7 months ago) +2 Reply
Gay people have had protections under the law in Cuba since 1992. The United States Supreme Court didn't strike down the remaining sodomy laws until 2003.

Also, Cuba isn't Communist, It's Socialist. Two entirely different systems. The capitalist portion of the economy in Cuba has suffered more because of the Embargo than any internal situation.
leonidos01 (6 months ago) 0 Reply
Umm.. cuban (as venezuelan) socialism is just a disguise for their communism.. plus communism never worked.. it didn't 50 yrs ago, it doesn't now..
balancedaustralia (4 months ago) -6 Reply
loko5555 (4 months ago) 0 Reply
they cant buy a computer coz the embargo
Jogab37 (3 months ago) -2 Reply
They cant used internet because it is restricted , only for use of some people and prohibit for otheres,,,, document yourself before talking.
loko5555 (3 months ago) 0 Reply
I bet you live in miami. You cant predicte much from cubans but you can do it with your people for sure.
Livingrevolutionary (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Not really,
it hasn't been until recently that Cuba has opened up to the gay community. in fact, during the early portion of the Revolution, Gays were sent to prison camps because they did not fit the 'Socialist Ideal".

And I'm pretty sure that Cuba is Communist. I mean the Cuban Communist Party has had one party elections for quite sometime. and the capitalist portion of the economy has suffered more because of Fidel Castro's attempts to outlaw capitalism, than the actual embargo.
Polyfusia (7 months ago) +2 Reply
It will always be hard for people in the Western world to form a clear opinion about Castro. The propaganda from western sources made him out to be worse than he was, whereas Castro's own propaganda made him out to be better than he was. As is often the case, the truth probably lies in the middle somewhere.
Mika151 (7 months ago) 0 Reply
But i think we could agree that he saved Cuba, not only by overthrowing Batista, but also by establishing free education and health-care, and uniting the people, gave the Cubans hope, the bitching exiles, should not have a say about this aswell.
And of course, as any strong leader, he ordered a lot of killings, but i believe that was necessary.
Anyhow, Fidel is one of the greatest men ever lived.
LogicHead (5 months ago) 0 Reply
Strong leadership is being a uniting force without violence and killings.

Great men respect the life of all other human beings on the planet. That is greatness.

Whatever your views on Castro may be Mika, greatness and killing people do not go together. We are all living, breathing human beings. You, me, Castro, Eisenhower, JFK... we are all humans. No one individual made that happen. The greats recognise it and establish it as the foundation of their life's work.
fokkhof2 (5 months ago) 0 Reply
If they didn't shot the few counterrevolutionaires there were (56 to be exact, of course some more during the civil war but that was war) then many more would have died under the batista regime. You cannot free a people who are being colonized by the most powerful country in the world right next door without killing. Being "humane" at all times at all costs is just as inhumane as doing nothing against the suffering in the world.
LogicHead (5 months ago) 0 Reply
fokkhof2:If you scratch the surface of international politics, it is only governments, including Cuba's and the USA's, which benefit from having countries. If you require killings or war (be it external or internal) to free a people, you are not free. You are just another killer. You are enslaved by your own fear that you will be deposed.

I never advocated "doing nothing". I advocated being a uniting force without violence and killings. That is greatness. Success is not guaranteed either way.
fokkhof2 (5 months ago) 0 Reply
Don't compare the Cuban government to the US government. In Cuba the people are the government, in the US the people with money are the government.

You cannot unite the oppressor and the oppressed. The oppressor will always use violence when he sees his end is near. No oppressor will ever voluntary lay down his arms. So what you're advocating is actually just helping them. That's why they always nag about "human rights", "no killing" etc, because it's bad for them, not for the people.
LogicHead (5 months ago) 0 Reply
I am speaking here as a human being fokkhof. I have known people that have died and on that basis I am making the claim that killing people is wasteful. I have experienced this. If a political system requires people to kill people, I'll pass. Especially if the killing is required at the start.

Life and diversity are grander than any political system. Every day I take rich, deep breaths of air. I do this regardless of the political system. If I advocate anything to start, that is it. Breathe!
fokkhof2 (5 months ago) 0 Reply
Killing people is always a cruelty, but in a revolution it's a necessary evil. If the oppressor would lay down the arms voluntary and give the power, freedom to the people, it would be the greatest thing ever. But such things will never happen. Do you think this system doesn't require to kill people? Starving people to death, shooting them when they protest, assasinating trade-union members and communist party members, rings a bell?
fokkhof2 (5 months ago) +3 Reply
Life and diversity are indeed grander than any political system. That's why we need to change this system, if necessary with violence. Because this system doesn't care about life and diversity. It cares about power and money. Go visit the countries that make your wealth possible because big companies are exploiting them to make you live in luxury. You'll see what I mean.

If hundred(s) need to die so thousands, millions can live, it's a pitty but so be it.
LogicHead (5 months ago) 0 Reply
Is it possible for *any* system to care about life and diversity fokkhof2? Isn't it up to us as individuals to do that? Can concepts or written words care? If an idea (including *both* the preservation or overthrow) of a system takes hold, what stops it? Another revolution/overthrow? Go and kill someone who is loved by another and tell the latter it is for the greater good. Won't many then take up arms *against you* to stop you spreading "the greater good"?

To be clear, I can be equally
fokkhof2 (5 months ago) +1 Reply
No they won't. Because there's always a minority oppressing the majority under capitalism. I'm not talking about any "greater good". I'm talking about freeing the oppressed minority from the oppressing minority. Only christians and hippies think they can change the world with love and peace. Do you really think the oppressing class will ever give away their power without fighting? Do you think people will ever be free without fighting for it? An idea can't take hold. People can. And they should.
LogicHead (5 months ago) 0 Reply
fokkhof2: Can I ask you to take a moment here? Please, stretch your arms, wash your face, crack your fingers, have a glass of water, whatever. Take your time. I'm not going anywhere.

I simply want to ask you this. Specifically, what is the problem?

My email address is tom(dot)369(at)hotmail(dot)com That is also my MSN messenger ID. I also have Yahoo and Skype where we can chat without character limits and more efficiently in terms of time.

fokkhof2 (5 months ago) 0 Reply
added you to msn ;)
LogicHead (5 months ago) 0 Reply
Thanks. I do want to point out that I realise the email address is in the public domain. I value the interpersonal relationships which I have with everyone in life. So, my decision to do this, that is leave the email address in a place where everyone can read it and use it to contact me is a deliberate one.

Regards to all,
LogicHead (5 months ago) 0 Reply
healthy under communism as I can be under capitalism. I can monitor my own breathing, water-intake, cooking, eating, dancing, working etc. I consider myself blessed to do that and more-so to share it. As for luxury, the only item I have is this here internet connection. In the last five years everything has been budget. Food, clothing, accommodation and transport.

I am well travelled fokkhof2 - including villages in sub-Saharan Africa. May I ask specifically what it is that is bothering you?
Livingrevolutionary (1 month ago) -2 Reply
He didn't save Cuba, he took Cuba from one dictatorship to another. All you've said is the same propaganda that has been force fed to supporters of Castro. Can't a free healthcare system come about through Democracy (France's system is ranked first, Cuba's is ranked 39th by WHO) Castro used his strong leadership skills to manipulate people into thinking he wanted to establish a democracy. Those exiles are the ones who were betrayed by Castro, and who hope to someday see a democracy.
Mika151 (1 month ago) -4 Reply
But who says a dictatorship is bad? I'd rather have one good leader than a bad democracy. And yes, he did save cuba, did you see how it was when batista was leader? it was a fucking whorehouse, castro took all that away.
badboy2kool (1 month ago) 0 Reply
another guy fedup from the system onlyy thing is he stood up go castro u still live with us
Livingrevolutionary (1 month ago) 0 Reply
A representative democracy has safeguards against tyrannical rule and respects the rights of its people. If Hitler, or Stalin had ousted a dictator and provided free healthcare, would that take away from the grave human rights violations they put forth on their own people, no I didn't think so. A bad dictatorship is much worse than a bad demcoracy. In a democracy there are ways to peacefuly oust a leader, while in a dictatorship, like Cuba, the leader does not respect the individual rights.
Frogstomp121 (1 month ago) +1 Reply
The U.S. doesn't violate their own people, only the people of other countries.

Try the Philippine massacre during the Spanish American war, the acquisition of Guam, Puerto Rico, and Cuba, coups in Guatemala and Chile, invading Grenada, invading Nicaragua in the Iran-Contra affair, nuking hundreds of thousand innocent Japanese, invading Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, training Islamists against the Soviets, etc.

A nation like this who will invade at will is in fact a terrorist nation.
sgsfdgfsdfsdfsddf (1 month ago) +2 Reply
USA is hardly a democracy and USA has put in many dictatorships

Livingrevolutionary (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Oh and btw, when castro finally opened up Cuba to foreign investment in the late 90's, prostitution returned. Now foreigners visit Cuba not only for its beaches that are off limits to regular cubans (who can;t afford to stay) but also for its sex tourism. In otherwords, Cuba has become a whorehouse once again....
madreteresa34 (1 month ago) +2 Reply
yeah the only difference is now the whole country is a whorehouse and they got children for sale. waiting for fat tourists to come and do them. now the cuban people is nothing but slaves wich only purpose is to serve a small group of tyrants who live like the most wealthy people in the world while they watch the suffering and poverty cuban people live each day.
gonzalo123456789 (1 month ago) +2 Reply
yes he took away all that and more
the cuban people dont have anything this son of a bitch detroyed the country look at how many familiys got seperated because of this
he did a few good things but most of what he did was not good for the people of cuba and they are who suffer the consequences
babyblack1985 (6 months ago) 0 Reply
A hero to the Cuban people. I believe the people most manipulated countries are right here in North America where we are constantly brainwashed by mass media, and an unregulated free market.
DushevnaSepsa (6 months ago) 0 Reply
what are you blaging about xD...being manipulated is one thing being under a dictator is totally another...castro is cool i admit that...but as person who was in comunist country i kinda know whats it like to cuban people
babyblack1985 (6 months ago) +3 Reply
Castro isn't a dictator, he's a Communist leader. Also, I think you'll find the majority of Cubans support him. Cuban Americans never did, and therefore never will support him. Why is it so hard for Americans to accept ideas different from their own?
DushevnaSepsa (6 months ago) 0 Reply
i cant tell im not american...i guess that we could debate on cubans support to their leader...sadly they dont have internet...from movies ive seen cubans are living in trash...you might say they have free social care but they have so many restrictions that its amazing...theres no such thing as comunism its just utopia
leonidos01 (6 months ago) -2 Reply
well i agree that most cubans that actually live in Cuba, not that they support him.. they just haven't seen anything else. They, as Dushevna says, live in trash. Cuba is a poor island which before Castro was like an awesome paradise.. i feel really sorry for cubans..
DNchap1417 (5 months ago) 0 Reply
Castro, unlike other Communist leaders such Lenin or Mao, became converted to the ideology AFTER he took power while the others were Communists before sezing power.
In fact the transition years (1959-1962) demonstrated how ideologically ambiguous the Revolution was. Khrushchev said it best to reporters in NY in 1960: "Fidel is not a Communist, but will be one in two years thanks to American Pressure". In 1962, that prophecy becomes true.
LogicHead (5 months ago) 0 Reply
The closest you can come to a communist leader is a tribal elder who has to physically sit and eat with their tribe on a daily basis.

As we currently define the term 'country', it is not possible to have a communist country. Political leaders like Mao, Stalin or Castro are not communist. If they were, their goal would be to dissolve the government and let communities establish their own rules of thumb for co-existing.

Countries are just a blip on world history. Feel free to question me.
fokkhof2 (5 months ago) 0 Reply
Of course it's not possible to have a communist country in the scientific term. What we call "communist countries" are actually "socialist countries", i.e. a period (after the revolution) of transition between capitalism and the classless society. Under socialism a government is needed to destroy and opress the former ruling class, the capitalist counterrevolutionairies. Stalin, Mao and Castros goal was to dissolve the government, but taht's not possible as long as capitalism exists in the world
LogicHead (5 months ago) 0 Reply
A revolution sowes the seeds of fear in the people that opposition will wind up getting them shot. People die fokkhof. Orphans are left. This carries through for longer than any socialist leader can stay alive. With time, an orphan or their son etc may try to seize power...

War among govts is just more war.

Besides all that, Marx created a no-win situation because acting on his writings is "orders from on high".

In the end, I know I am reponsible for my health. The system is secondary.
fokkhof2 (5 months ago) 0 Reply
No. A revolution sowes the seeds of HOPE in the people. Opposition will wind up getting them shot anyway. Orphans are left anyway, because people are underfed and exploited. A revolution is not a war amongst governments, it's a war between the people and the oppressor.

I think you haven't read marx' writings.

The system is primary. Maybe not here in the west, but that's because we can live of cheap goods made by africans, latin-americans and south asians.
70sman4ever (6 months ago) -1 Reply
Viva Fidel!!
sideroredis (6 months ago) +2 Reply
I'm half Cuban and as I know Cuban people don't like him. It's true that he made a lot of things better but my family is shared because of the obstacles with traveling thanks to his laws.
"Communism" as a historical-philosophical noun means the last and most perfect station of communist but in Marx's ideology it's only possible in a rich country. So neither Fidel is Marxist nor Cuba is a communist country.
autonomodelmundo (5 months ago) 0 Reply
Im more Cuban than you. I been there, work and live. The People love their revolution but hate the rest of the worlds ignorance towards Cuba.
sideroredis (5 months ago) 0 Reply
Sorry, I may be wrong then, perhaps only our relatives are too pessimists...
vludshot1721 (5 months ago) 0 Reply
you might b more cuban then anybody...you say that people from cuba hate the ignorance towards cuba... i dont know if you know what killing means....but everyone knows about it....i hate peoples ignorance....and is not that they are ignorants, cubas dont want to c it cuz its their country...how many people died in El Salvador because of fidel castro....how many children would be men if they were still alive...the point is that many inocent people paid for something they werent even aware of
fokkhof2 (5 months ago) 0 Reply
The question is, how many people, women, children, would have died if the revolutionairies weren't there, and if they didn't destroy the regime and if they didn't create a socialist state. Many, many more. Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are two of the most heroic men in history, they liberated a people and brought them glory and happiness. Don't compare Cuba to a western capitalist country; compare it to the rest of latin america. They're much, much better off.
autonomodelmundo (4 months ago) 0 Reply
If you really think about it, in regards to El Salvador why do you only point the finger at one side of the coin? What about the dictatorship and the paramilitary death squads supported and funded by the CIA? They are innocent? It's only the FMLN and Castro to blame? That's not fair at all. Why doesn't Washington let these people figure out how they want to interpret Democracy? Why must they ALWAYS intervene?
thegodfather305 (6 months ago) -1 Reply
thegodfather305 (6 months ago) -1 Reply
babyblack1985 (6 months ago) +3 Reply
Cuba was a rich paradise before Fidel? What? Maybe for rich Americans. How about all the working people who were exploited by Batista and large American corporations, making next to nothing on latifundios. Then came Fidel, and now all have a chance at a great education among other opportunities. I agree that the country is financially crippled, but don't you think the trade embargo is a major part of that.
DNchap1417 (5 months ago) +1 Reply
Castro, unlike other Communist leaders such Lenin or Mao, became converted to the ideology AFTER he took power while the others were Communists before sezing power.
In fact the transition years (1959-1962) demonstrated how ideologically ambiguous the Revolution was. Khrushchev said it best to reporters in NY in 1960: "Fidel is not a Communist, but will be one in two years thanks to American Pressure". In 1962, that prophecy becomes true.
Donal111 (5 months ago) 0 Reply
Is there any audio of Che Guevara speaking English?

I heard he did speak it.
peacefrog1916 (5 months ago) 0 Reply
he could speak french, i don't think he spoke english.
PearlJammer07 (5 months ago) -4 Reply
This guy is just sick.
albrown34 (4 months ago) +4 Reply
i've never heard castro speak english i didnt know he could wow!
wormlock88 (4 months ago) 0 Reply
i dont know much bout politics but i just dont like u, cuz i come from the country u screwed up
kambingkaya (4 months ago) +5 Reply
fidel castro forever..fidel life ..
rcde4ever (4 months ago) +1 Reply
I don't understand how Castro is speaking in English here but if you see him as older, he always has a translator with him and he responds in Spanish
balancedaustralia (4 months ago) -5 Reply
He was smart at first but the gray material in his brain rapidly turned to brown, and rotten as time passed by.
smrtsk8er (4 months ago) 0 Reply
Castro speaks fluent english but now refuses to speak what he calls the language of his enemies
balancedaustralia (4 months ago) -3 Reply
What a dick-head!
balancedaustralia (4 months ago) -7 Reply
OGRON47 (4 months ago) -2 Reply
is che guevera wanted to stay with US?
balancedaustralia (4 months ago) -4 Reply
Apparently yes, he did not want communism. Che conducted some secret talks with the Kennedy administration to retain the system. This created some differences and friction with Castro. It is said that Castro ended up hating him, and that's the main reason for Che to leave for Bolivia which he tried to take over with 12 guerrilleros.
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smrtsk8er (4 months ago) +1 Reply
Castro speaks fluent english but now refuses to speak what he calls the language of his enemies
MrTheBeast (4 months ago) 0 Reply
they are his enemies america embargoed poor cuba
just look at the unjustice a massive country with huge army vs a small island
copacetic79 (4 months ago) +1 Reply
su voz suena muy diferente cuando habla inglés...irreconocible
balancedaustralia (4 months ago) -3 Reply
Ii'f like wearing a mask. Soft, sweet good boy but in reality he was a monster.
balancedaustralia (4 months ago) -2 Reply
Only party members have computers, they only say nice things about the government. The embargo is nothing but an excuse for their failures.
KINGGEORGE3000 (4 months ago) -3 Reply
Fidel Castro has big balls and is lucky 99.9 percent of people that would have taken his path would super dead a lot of people who suppored him are now here in miami benefeting from the sacrafice of others so f this
Jogab37 (3 months ago) -1 Reply
Fidel castro es solo un DICTADOR Y UN ASESINO y pasara a la historia como tal.
zambia96 (3 months ago) +1 Reply
viva fidel
narutofan4545 (3 months ago) 0 Reply
I Really dont like him but im Cuban
MinisterKGB (3 months ago) +1 Reply
Viva Fidel!
fidelcastroruz726 (3 months ago) -1 Reply
Viva! Fidel!
ondro84gmail (3 months ago) -1 Reply
rojosdemier (3 months ago) +1 Reply
Fidel, no ese viejo asesino que emite conceptos imbéciles todas las semanas y que cree que lo está haciendo bien???. Valooooorrrrrrr. Pobre pueblo de Cuba.
DoDasDew (3 months ago) 0 Reply
Fidel is the emobodiment of George Orwell's character Napolean...Likewise, Che Guevara could be comparable to the charcter Snowball.Period. It's crazy how history repeats itself. POWER CORRUPTS
RevAustin (3 months ago) -1 Reply
What? No. Not at all.
You people and you Che obsessions. Napoleon was Stalin, and Snowball was Trotsky. Che and Fidel don't have any sort of relation that could be comparable to the two pigs in animal farm. You are obviously reading it but not understanding.
DoDasDew (3 months ago) 0 Reply
Snowball was acctualy based towards Lennin... I was only trying to make another eery connection that seems plausible if you know the relations shared between Fidel and Che.....
It was only a hypothesis based upon the FACT that history repeats itself.....
down with communism.
666redface (3 months ago) 0 Reply
and the book was written in 1943 by george orwell who was trying to make a point about the USSR not castro or Che, but i don't think you can compare stalin to Castro.
DoDasDew (3 months ago) 0 Reply
I'm just stating this - History repeats itself.
And frankly, Why is Stalin incomparable to Castro?..Both are dictators who abused the power of being at the top of a so called Communistic state....
666redface (3 months ago) 0 Reply
The reason i say they are incomparable is that Stalin killed probably about 40 million people his idea of justice was to kill people at random Castro is also a dictator but his goverment corrupt and as bad as it is, It is still better than the former goverment of Baptista and that is the main difference, Fidel is a improvement and Stalin isn't. I persume you are american and i know it's hard in america but open your mind and see things for what they are.
DoDasDew (3 months ago) +1 Reply
2. To say that Fidel was an improvemnt to the Batista's governement has no factual support, other than the problem that arose near the end of the Batista reign involving a climbing unemployment rate.... We could argue forever about which government was better, but it doenst really matter.
3. I was only trying to point out how often 'history repeats itself' and how 'Power corrupts all', which is for more or less the true picture Orwell was trying to paint.
DoDasDew (3 months ago) -1 Reply
1. Judging me by my home country is not only racist but also ignorant....So where may you be from, the Heavens?
DoDasDew (3 months ago)
Comment removed by author
DoDasDew (3 months ago) -1 Reply
racist bloddy bloke bugger,
the only good thing you guys ever produced was Syd Barrett,
and o yah the USA hahahha
666redface (3 months ago) 0 Reply
I'm not saying anything against america or your people I am just saying that in ammerica your political ideas are quite fixed for example thier was a big thing about Obama being a socialist and a few right wing broadcasters were playing on that fact. I mean is being a socialist a very big deal.
DoDasDew (3 months ago) 0 Reply
In a country thats goal is to remain a democratic republic, yes.
666redface (3 months ago) 0 Reply
Socialism, does not endanger democracy and I can prove this as Tony Blair was a Socialist and Britrain is still democratic and Britain has been a true democracy longer than America, just to let you know.
xxxmanuelxxx (3 months ago) 0 Reply
pobre gentusa la de cuba que están cegados ya que no los dejan ver mas allá de su miseria, pero bueno siempre habran heroes como yo y otros que hablremos y escupiremos a los comunistas malditos que les gusta es pisar a los ignorantes , su cobardía es infinita como el che , fidel y otros mas de esa cepa , la muerte a ellos es demaciado buena merecen algo peor.
xxxmanuelxxx (3 months ago) 0 Reply
pobres seres los que ven a este señor como algo bueno , creo que tienen la mente algo estropeada, en fin me imagino que deben de ser marginales pero de mente , ya que la ignorancia es lo que ellos buscan
wecarnivore (3 months ago) +1 Reply
I was thinking of moving to Cuba for that magnificent free health care, oh yeah, I would have to pay 99% of my income in taxes for that free third world health care. But I would get a free education, after volunteer work and life long poverty, but at least my children would be brainwashed into worshiping the Pig Castro and turn me in to the authorities if I write anything here against the Pig. Oh yeah, no one is allowed Internet in Che's paradise, so I guess I would be ok after all.
kilabata (3 months ago) 0 Reply
Now with Obama you wish might come true.......
Suprkit (2 months ago) 0 Reply
Propagandhi900 (2 months ago) +1 Reply
If you think Obama is a socialist or anywhere near it you need a mental evaluation.
Suprkit (2 months ago) 0 Reply
I apologize. I was trying to make a joke. I should have put Socialism in quotes. So I am perfictly sane, Thank you .
Suprkit (2 months ago) 0 Reply
It was a joke. Since people are saying it, I was just doing it to see who would respone like you did.
Asuntatuya (3 months ago) 0 Reply
FYI............The Cubans don't have mortgages
mtdarus (3 months ago) 0 Reply
dear mr castro sir,
if you read this comment,can you give me your email?
adamgener (3 months ago) 0 Reply
i hate every asshole that expresses their radical and stupid views over youtube comments. really? thats just pathetic.
AND i hate it when ppl thumb ppl down just cuz "they dont speak english"
adamgener (3 months ago) 0 Reply
how about u think b4 u make dumbass comments...
nelson190289 (2 months ago) 0 Reply
este es uno de los mejores lideres q a tenido el mundo fuera la oligarquia y arriba el oz y el martillo osea el comunismo necesitamos lideres como vos fidel castro ruz
skinny326614 (2 months ago) 0 Reply
estoy de acuerdo
elabanico4 (2 months ago) 0 Reply
jajaja me da risa cuando dicen q es uno de los mejor es lideres solo ha llevado a cuba a la miseria y destruccion y dictadura
barbagu08 (2 months ago) 0 Reply
no es dictadura?
wecarnivore (2 months ago) -2 Reply
In the U.S. we are not perfect by any means but we are talking about building walls to keep people out. In Cuba they keep them in with mines and guns but people still escape through sharks and the ocean to get to freedom in the USA.
Aguilas913 (2 months ago) 0 Reply
Cuba is in misery because of the embargo we have in that country for over 30 years. Why?, because the votes that represents. We should do as we say. Also, Cubans can't leave because of Socialism alone, yes, a lot of people would love to flee Cuba, but again, they have an embargo. Look everywhere in South America, there are people who want to flee the fuck out, and those are democratic governments. However Cubans have government that provides health care and education to them. do we?
wecarnivore (2 months ago) -2 Reply
Cuba is not in misery because of the embargo. Latin America is mostly in misery and there is no embargo. Cuba is in misery because communisom creates misery. And Latin Ame because of huge corruption problems. Cuba has trade with a lot of countries and for the longest time the USSR was maintaining them, SO STOP BLAMING THE AMERICANS FOR EVERYTHING!
Comrade1999 (2 months ago) -2 Reply
communism dose not create misery.
communism creates Ffreedom.
TDuffy04 (2 months ago) 0 Reply
nah ,, look at the former ussr.
Louieboy23 (2 months ago) -1 Reply
You obviously are an ignorant fuck that can't even spell write. Stop giving your opinion when all you know is what corporate news tells you.
wecarnivore (2 months ago) +1 Reply
Thanks! I really enjoyed reading your reply. Now I'm sure I'm right!!
ganyi (2 months ago) -1 Reply
que viva fidel castro
DeathMantleRogue (2 months ago) 0 Reply
he sure loves Canada
boliwar41 (2 months ago) 0 Reply
Long live Socialism!
Long live Cuba.
Che Guevara lives forever in our hearts.
chrisanthemum7 (2 months ago) +1 Reply
he's hott
Talloweed (2 months ago) -1 Reply
Over one hundred million people dead in the last century alone, and still, the drum beat goes on.
WINGGULLSEAGULL (2 months ago)
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WINGGULLSEAGULL (2 months ago) -3 Reply
Castro didn't tell the people,he ASKED the people & they said ok to Castro to proceed with the executions. Castro was a true Marxist who always had the people's best interests at heart & gave the people what they wanted & that was to carry out the executions. Castro cared about his people & was not a totalitarian leader. Long Live The Revolution !
JunareG (2 months ago) -1 Reply
Long Live The Revolution!!!!
WINGGULLSEAGULL (2 months ago) -2 Reply
In 1959, Castro held a rally before millions over the capture of ex-Batista officials who committed many war crimes & atrocities. Castro asked the people if the ex-Batista officials should be court-martialed & executed & the people said "YES", to go ahead with the 250 executions. Castro felt he did not need to answer to the US or any other nation except to the Cuban people. This is a true demonstration of "Marxism", collective leadership.
JunareG (2 months ago) +1 Reply
to tell you the truth, i really admire that guy, America to me is a loud mouth nation that wants to have a "say" in everybodys lives, and in those days, Castro was the only one with enough ballz to stand up to those fuck hedz..........
nuff respect to Castro and Chavez.....small giants.....
obellono91 (2 months ago) -3 Reply
viva posada carriles muerte a fidel,
benrad2002 (2 months ago) 0 Reply
Question for Cubans... Who was a better president(or dictator to some) Fidel Castro, or Batista? I wouldnt know because ive never been to Cuba... And all i do know is in the movie Scarface, Tony Montana hates fucking communists more than I hate anything!
cumbio2004 (2 months ago) 0 Reply
If any of you would be living what we are living in Venezuela right now, you'd probably stop making statements about how good is communism. We are doing worse than any other country in the region, just because we have a crazy guy here who is trying to copy all of the terrible things Fidel did. Venezuela was a country to dream about, now Venezuela is becoming a country of emigrants. Professionals are running out of the country. There is no future in Venezuela while communist remain in power.
Louieboy23 (2 months ago) -2 Reply
cumbio2004 (2 months ago) +1 Reply
Marico triste chico...,
WINGGULLSEAGULL (2 months ago) -2 Reply
Communism can lead to totalitarianism, but totalitarianism can lead to anarchism. there's a right & wrong way to run a dictatorship, the right way is to answer to the people, the wrong way is to piss the people off. You don't want to piss off millions of people, there's strength in numbers & you will be overthrown. In Socialist & Communist nations the government is AFRAID of the PEOPLE instead of the other way around. The people are VERY aware of the power they have when they need to use it.
wecarnivore (2 months ago) 0 Reply
Castro placed people to report on their neighbors on each block. School children were taught there is no God, but rather that Castro is god and they are encouraged to turn in their own parents. Castro punished all who did not agree with him; they're called political prisoners. In Cuba today there is no freedom of the press, of association, of religion, no unions allowed, and of course, no freedom of speech. To say that the people are in charge in the hellish island is criminal and a lie.
rayexcellente (2 months ago) 0 Reply
yeah i hear castro eats babies also, fuck you and your ignorant, propaganda accepting mind
wecarnivore (2 months ago) 0 Reply
Oh yeah, I forgot. Castro eats babies too.
BFPolarBear (2 months ago) 0 Reply
Fidel was very kind. He even tolerated Communists.
WINGGULLSEAGULL (2 months ago) 0 Reply
The proper way to run a dictatorship is to be able to justify & answer to the people to determine if collective authority shall overrule or endorse the dictator's agenda before the actions are carried out. Fidel Castro was this kind of Marxist leader & so was Joesph Stalin. Saddame Hussein was not. How lond did Castro run Cuba? Hmmmm......50 years? Stalin was never overthrown. Saddame Hussein was a totalitarian leader & thats why he was overthrown & thats why he's gone ! !
LogicHead (2 months ago) 0 Reply
Winggullseagull: From what I understand of what you are saying, you believe that the proper way to run a dictatorship is by:

1. Come up with an agenda;
2. Put it to the people to see if it is overruled or endorsed.

Before responding to this, I wish to be clear that I have understood you correctly. Is what I have written above correct?

WINGGULLSEAGULL (2 months ago) -4 Reply
If you think Jesus is going to come back & fix this world, I've got news for you ,he's not going to fix this world because he already came back in 1959 thru Fidel Castro. Castro was seen as the 2nd coming of Christ, it's up to man to fix this world & Marxism is the only way to save this world. Capitalism needs to be DESTROYED ! ! As far as Castro being compared to Christ, Cuba before Castro was not a Communist nation yet.
ericdhroe (2 months ago) 0 Reply
Wouldn't Marx be the Christ of Marxism?
plan101 (2 months ago) +3 Reply
Don't you understand this personal believes in rights and is no idiot. You can't control opinion, his literacy skills are poor but he can articulate properally abd effectively.

If i can understand what he/she is trying to convey , then its all good

this is not an english essay but a formus of public opinon.

I enjoed this interview. Castro's ideals were correct in the begining .

he was a good leader
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wiri123 (2 months ago) 0 Reply
my respect for FIDEL CASTRO he is the leader we all nedd
Sorcoral (2 months ago) +2 Reply
this is kind of creepy to watch

no idea he appeared on the CBC 50 years ago
MJ23king (2 months ago) -1 Reply
it hurts to read these comments because me myself iam a trun cuban u all u assholes who agree with what this made did fuck all of u because u dont know how hard it is for are people u fuck asshole how half of my family is over there dieing because of what this fucking asshole did but lie to us and lie to are faces u say that what he did was right u dont know anything u dont how hard it is to live over there and how some do anything to leave the land they loved hehind
MJ23king (2 months ago) -2 Reply
if what happen to us happen to u u wouldent agree that with what he did to destroy cuba fuck all of u u dont now how truly hard life can be and how one man can take everything away form u and make u leave from the loved land u loved all ur life it hurts to see the comments of people who agree with what this man did my god
XshaunixX (2 months ago) -1 Reply
He reminds me of Liam Neeson.
esmatulla (2 months ago) +1 Reply
fidel castro is the man

respect for this man
WINGGULLSEAGULL (2 months ago) -2 Reply
Marxism is like our judicial court & criminal justice system. A Marxist leader is like a district attorney & the people are like the jury, just one big giant jury. Doesn't the DA have to build & present a strong enough case to convince a jury to rule in his favor? 2 reasons why Castro was a true Marxist. 1st, the longevity of his dictatorship more or less speaks for itself, & 2nd, before Castro was a revolutionary.............. he was a lawyer. So what does that tell you ??
SaintDre7 (2 months ago)
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groenhvid (2 months ago) +2 Reply
I support the Revolution and all the countries' right to real democracy and independence from imperialistic powers. Why did you change Fidel? Why didn't you do what you said you believed in during this interview? What a shame!!!!!!!!
mousefamily2005 (2 months ago) -1 Reply
is a killer, like che guevara
marcusmontreal (1 month ago) +2 Reply
Stupid ignorant. You must be American. You folks are guilty. You've put Cuba in a disaster with your stupid embargo.
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Livingrevolutionary (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Actually no, Cuba was put into disaster long before the embargo was introduced by the US. In fact, Castro practically invited the embargo by deciding to nationalize all American companies in the country. Its actually very ironic, that after years of being an "anti-Imperialist" and railing against the US, Castro is now crawling back to the US. And look at you, marcus, you live in a capitalist democracy, and yet here you are defending a communist dictatorship. Shameful.
Frogstomp121 (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Cuba does not crawl to the U.S. and never will. First of all Cuba is not the center of evil that you are led to believe. They give free health care to everyone, free housing, and free education. Women, gays, transvestites, etc. are all given equal rights. Everybody is equal. The trade embargo is a grudge which prevents Cuba from trading with the U.S. or anybody who trades with the U.S. and keeps the country from rising above poverty. However, It is not perfect and neither is your country.
Livingrevolutionary (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Center of Evil, no, but it's still a pretty bad dictatorship, which has continually repressed the Cuban people for 50 years.
And by the way, everyone is not equal in Cuba. if you wish to dissent, you are automatically treated like dirt. Having the right to speak freely is something you and I probably take for granted, but tit something Cubans are unable to do. And the funny thing is that even with the "embargo",American products STILL make it to Cuba, as well as food and medicine.
WINGGULLSEAGULL (1 month ago) 0 Reply
The reason I favor Marxism because it's a government controlled by the people, collective leadership. And the people are shown everything that goes on such as public & televised executions. In our system in the US, the people have no say or control over anything, murderers can be sentenced on death row & appeal their case which can go on for years at the tax payers expense. I believe in swift justice, like the Mexican federalies, dig a hole, bang away like a firing squad, pull the trigger & BOOM
themosthenes (1 month ago) +1 Reply
dont favor marxism because you believe in facism (exept if you wanna be the next stalin..)
lifeasahandbag (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Mob rule has been proved throughout history to come with disastrous and violent result.

You sound pathetically uneducated. It's called a judicial system and it exists for a reason.
carmelomir (1 month ago) -1 Reply
You problably wrote this after eating a steak.... Something that Cubans are not allowed to do.
You say that cause you are not the one who has to steal a horse and wait for tha train to come by and pull the horse and once is in peaces you choose the best piece for your family. Then have someone call the service so they could come and burn it so nobody could get a piece of meat and take it. Don't you just love communism?? You would not survive a day in a Communist country.
marcusmontreal (1 month ago) 0 Reply
The only way to be able to survive to the American embargo is communism. Americans are guilty of putting a side Cuba because some real people, real Cubans took the power over Batista. About eating a steak, Puerto Ricans can all get steak everyday? Imagine. You live on an American territory and they are poorer areas on your Island then Cuba. I've been in Cuba many times and the saddest thing is the American embargo. Not the communism. Asta la vista.
carmelomir (1 month ago) -1 Reply
The idea of Communism is a beautiful one. But it can not be achived peacefully because of the contradictions that involves in within. You might had been in Cuba. But you are not Cuban. People from other countries in Cuba have good priviledge. But not Cubans. Is a good thing that you can write here freely because if u were a cuban in Cuba you would'nt be allowed to do so. What is that has to do with embargo? yes P.Ricans eat everyday good qualitiy food. Cuba is not even close to P.R. in any way
OLEGUNARSOLSKJEAR (1 month ago) 0 Reply
in cuba you are trully free. If you think that freedom is about you getting benefited from other peoples blood then think again.
carmelomir (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Truly free?? You don't have a clue of what cubans from cubans go through. and benefit from blood?? you mean the same way Fidel Castro did. killing a bunch of people to free Cuba and now his the fourthysomething riches person in the world.. You now is illegal for cubans from Cuba to eat lobster.. while there is a hidden video of Fidel eating fresh lobster and shrimp... I could not agree more with JOBEDIED's comment at the bottom there.
Livingrevolutionary (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Yeah, you tell em Stalin!
Put em all in concentration camps while you're at it! Who needs a fair trial! Now that's what I call revolutionary justice.
Please..stop fantasizing, Communist countries are run by the party hierarchy, not the people. And I'm sure you wouldn't advocate "swift" justice if you were the one wrongfully accused of a crime and sent to a firing squad.
RadicalHiphop1 (1 month ago) -2 Reply
Long live Communism
ernestonieblachalita (1 month ago) -1 Reply
u listen to this an listen to him nowadays and u don't believe it is the same person, ether he lied here on this interview or he loose it now. The reality is that we don't have any of this in Cuba, no freedom of any kind. Fuck u Fidel!
19transilvania54 (1 month ago) -1 Reply
that man is a hero.
sxc1892 (1 month ago) -1 Reply
mousefamily2005 (1 month ago) -3 Reply
marcusmontreal, i m cuban,stupid, and i know what the cuban people had suffered because of this dictatorship, you should go to cuba ,not to the hotels, go to the real cuba and after that write here again.
lonewolf202 (1 month ago) 0 Reply
How was it before Castro then?
Better, worse?
mousefamily2005 (1 month ago) -2 Reply
Abajo fidel, abajo el comunismo ,
serpont25 (1 month ago) -1 Reply
WINGGULLSEAGULL (1 month ago) 0 Reply
The closest thing we Americans had to Marxism was lynch law vigilantee justice in the 1800's. The people got fed up with the "judicial system", the people said hey if you "pillars of society" aren't going to do your job," We" are going to do it for you & FAST ! ! The people could do a much better job running the country. The judicial system is a waste of time & a waste of taxes. I favor collective justice over bureacratic justice. Bang away like a firing squad, pull the trigger & BOOM ! !
WINGGULLSEAGULL (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Wrong ! The US was not the most powerful nation then, the Soviet Union was, that's why JFK wanted to keep the peace by teaming up with the communists to remove the missiles from Cuba in return that the US doesn't invade Cuba. The reason Russia sent the missiles to Cuba was because the US had missiles in Turkey aimed at Russia & that made them very nervous, so they gave us a taste of our own medicine. If JFK had succeeded in spreading communism in the US, all 3 nations would've been allies.
beanio12 (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Yeah the Soviet Union had the largest army in the world.
WINGGULLSEAGULL (1 month ago) 0 Reply
We Americans love to bully & invade other nations to further our "Capitailst" agenda, Vietnam & Iraq for instance, but we can't stand when countries like Russia & Cuba stand up to us & put us in our place. So come on you tell me which is the real threat, Capitalism or Communism?
MartenThuren (1 month ago) -1 Reply
South Vietnam was invaded by North Vietnam, the US decided to help the south side, just like they would help South Korea today.
Capitalism is just free market basically, it can be combined with fascism like in Chile of course, but that doesn't put any blood on Capitalisms hands.
Communist countries like the Soviet Union, China and Cuba has killed hundreds of millions of people.
OLEGUNARSOLSKJEAR (1 month ago) +1 Reply
no dude you are wrong. capitalism is a not peaceful political system. many wars had been stopped whlie USSR existed.Iraq Iran Afganistan Palestine Yugoslavia Somalia Abhazia. And now the world is not safe anymore
OLEGUNARSOLSKJEAR (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Capitalism. It is not only a threat it is a crime. It is facism. Just because you are have a powerful army it doesnt mean that you can police the world. anyway.you are going down
napajedlacek (1 month ago) -2 Reply
Fidel Castro was an a Soviet agent since he was just 17 ..in 1943.....so he was communist long ago ..1958
OLEGUNARSOLSKJEAR (1 month ago) +1 Reply
fidel castro became a communist during the revolution. he followed his little brothers's steps. No agent here man.
jobedied (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Any political system Communism,Socialism, Capitalism , have all killed bullied expanded and hurt many people they all are based on philosophical bull that have the failure structures built into them. I love our constitution but it has been circumvented and corrupted by a political corporate class ruled by greed and hubris. Good people make communities work not stupid Ivy League pulitzer prize winning economists and philosophers . These ass wipes and there theories have ruined the world economy.
ServerMaster42 (1 month ago) 0 Reply
He looks young but his voice is creepy...
josetorres58 (1 month ago) +1 Reply
Lovely people...you don't know what do you talking about. This man is terrible morder and killed a lot of good cubans people many times. Don't believe him, never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
gallowspole (1 month ago) -1 Reply
he's bullshitting so hard here. the damn commie knows he's lying too, look at him tugging on his ear and shit, all nervous.
seraph101 (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Yeah, sort of like Obama. :)
killuminati43 (4 weeks ago) -1 Reply
Obama is a buffon!!!! Obama is not worthy of being mention in the same sentence with Fidel castro or che guevara. He's nothing but a poltician who exhibits fake charm to a gullible american populace. Shame on you Americans.
ernestonieblachalita (1 month ago) -4 Reply
He's such a liar! fuck him (Fidel Castro)
madreteresa34 (1 month ago) 0 Reply
the Cuba of today is a Cuba for tourists and a small elite . the rest of cuban inhabitants are Slaves.

is not even communism is just an experiment of Brutal slavery
debs7598 (1 month ago) 0 Reply
i hope for another revolution come bak fidel and che
mairthinn (1 month ago) -1 Reply
fuck you Fidel&company, fuck you Che(thanks god you are in hell) and fuck you teletubies
seraph101 (1 month ago) -1 Reply
If god exists he looooves people like Castro, and hates imperialist fuckers.
ernestonieblachalita (1 month ago) 0 Reply
after Castro criticized, condemned and persecuted religion so bad you say this, r u stupid? I agree He should hates imperialist but I strongly disagree when you say He loves Castro.
Livingrevolutionary (1 month ago) +1 Reply
I'm sure God is eccstatic about the religious persecution that took place in Cuba, as well as the priests that were put into working camps during Castro's rule.
Mwaterfall (4 weeks ago) 0 Reply

I believe in Socialism

But I strongly condemn force labor and a country ruled by a Dictator

After the Revolution, Castro should have allowed the people to democratically elected their own House of Representatives and President. Look at the Communist party led countries of Cypress, Moldova, and Nepal with Parlaments

Please people... let us support a Communism that is Democratic and has no Dictators

Livingrevolutionary (3 weeks ago) 0 Reply
I agree, Castro should have allowed for elections. In some cases, socialists have some to power democratically. Yet, Marxist-Leninism is incompatible with democracy. PERIOD. Lenin wanted state socialism brought about by an all powerful vanguard party, as is the case in Cuba and at one point China. So far, leaders in latin america trying to achieve socialism through democracy are slowly eroding democratic institutions (Chavez, Correa, Ortega, Zelaya).
Mwaterfall (3 weeks ago) +2 Reply

Socialism can be made compatible with Democracy!

Don't let anyone fool you, Socialism means economic equality for all. Any Democracy that does not have the elements of socialism, is biased, corrupt, and unfair

The United States has a corrupt government and media because of Capitalism!

All the military interventions of the United States has been for the profit and greed of the rich, Capitalist, and big business owners. For instance, Iraq's invasion was oil
Livingrevolutionary (3 weeks ago) 0 Reply
I differentiate between Marxist Leninism and Socialism, Mwaterfall.

Captialism can incorporate elements of socialism and still be considered socialism. yet the same cannot be said of communist countries trying to incorporate capitalism.

I just find it amusing that in a country like China still considers itself communist. The Communist Party heads are now efficient capitalists with dictatorial powers!
Mwaterfall (3 weeks ago) 0 Reply

But Captalism is not for the best interests of the whole, you can still have competition in a coorporative framework where all things are owned by the people and the economy is planned

With China...it would have been a perfect communist state without its dictators

Livingrevolutionary (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply
I think you're the one in denial Mwaterfall,

Face it, for all its misgivings, Capitalism is the superior system. It lifts more people out of poverty than Communism ever did, and it can be tamed by social programs.

Communism's legacy is one of a population in poverty (kindove ironic, dont'cha think),political prisoners, repression of dissent, one party rule, and the suppression of basic freedoms.
Is that what's in the "best interests of the whole?"
Mwaterfall (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply

And that's why there is COMMUNISM and there is SOCIALISM - two different systems

I would prefer the latter, but a SOCIALISM that honors DEMOCRACY, namely, a SOCIALIST DEMOCRACY

homohug0 (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply
Socialism and communism builds on the same thing m8.

Its roughly the same thing.
Mwaterfall (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply

Socialism advocates state ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and a society characterized by equal access to resources for all individuals with a more egalitarian method of compensation

Communism - the establishment of an egalitarian, classless or stateless society based on common ownership and control of the means of production and property in general

Communism is "all" for government; Socialism is "most important" for government
homohug0 (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply
like is said, its builds on the same ideas. roughly.
Mwaterfall (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply

Yes... roughly it does; however, Communism is more geared towards oppresives measures in order to enforce its laws, because in every human being there is an incentive to want to succeed.
On the other hand, Socialism can work with Capitalism and privately owned businesses, if -

1. All land, providing its 15 feet from the boundary of your house, belongs to everyone (through the democratic government)

2. All raw goods and natural resources, such as electricity, water...
Mwaterfall (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply
...mines, bauxite, farm lands, rivers, beaches, oil, shall not be owned by a company or individuals, nor shall people pay monies to a privately own business for such resources or goods. All raw goods and natural resources shall be for everyone, and utilize by the democratic government

3. All things raw in their nature belongs to everyone just like the sun and moon belongs to everyone. The only things that can be privately own and implemented in a business, shall be only those things...
Mwaterfall (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply
pertaining to one's "person," and was changed from its raw state through human creativity, such as a house, car, industrial plant, truck, personal hygiene items, paintings, et cetera... Anything that pertains to raw goods and utilizing them for the public... shall be government owned

4. The poor class shall never be taxed on an equal plane as the rich class. And the rich shall always be taxed more than the middle class

5. There shall always be free education and health or medical care...
Mwaterfall (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply
... for everyone. All "private" schools and hospitals for monies will be abolished. Home schooling until the age of 12 may be allowed...

6. There shall always be checks and balances in government, and democratically elected servants appointed via vote of the people and for the people

7. For this government to work it must have a strong military, policitcal and economic mission to globalize and take over the world - so all can democratically be apart of a one world government...
Mwaterfall (2 weeks ago) +2 Reply
... homohug0...

This is my dream! Capitalism with no control has taken over the world, the wealthy has corrupted politics and the media, and only the rich become candidates in an election. The U.S. is no more a democracy, but an oligarchy, and it is this system, "pure Capitalistic Democracy" that has cause the world's economic downturn and world's poverty, crime increase and pollution...

So... changes (a worldwide Socialist Democracy) need to be implemented or else we are doomed

LaoisProvo (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply
Hear Hear!
homohug0 (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply
I can say i belive in a democracy too, but the problem here is that the democracy that we have now is not a democracy for the people... All these politicians make promises .. and they dont follow up.

Democracy has been our doom. Not because of the ideas.. but because of the goverments worldwide.

Only a revolution can solve stuff like this.
Mwaterfall (1 week ago) 0 Reply

I use to believe that Capitalism is what tainted Democracy in that the United States through Capitalism, has become an Oligarchy (government ruled by the wealthy). But I went alot deeper into what has made Democracy so corrupt today. I surmised that even if the United States should become a fair socialist and free democratic system, it would not change the root of the problem - human nature!

Democracy is tainted by human nature of greed and selfishness. So I...

Mwaterfall (1 week ago) +1 Reply
...surmised that even force or a revolution would not be able to fix the problem of Capitalism / Communism. Human nature or the will of man, I concluded, can never be changed by force. It will just grow into hatred, and hatred will plant its seeds in the minds of young and old. You will forever fuel a cycle of violence and bloodshed. Know this: Nothing by force can change the human heart. Man must individually want to change.

But can change occur without changing ourselves first???

homohug0 (1 week ago) +1 Reply
Well, We can not change anything with democracy.. not without decent politicians... which barely exists..

The revolution is meant to bring the people forward, let them be heard. And to create a peaceful, non-capitalist country.

Democracy is important. but there are more important things.
Mwaterfall (1 week ago) 0 Reply

And there is also changing from within; there is Reformation instead of Revolution, changing from the outside by force

To reform the system, it takes patience, thinking, and work; it takes freedom of speech, love, and tolerance. On the other hand, Revolution is when you have lost patience, you see no hope of change, and have resorted to the use of force in order to make that change

I would think the most effective tool is not the sword, but spreading truth, educating others.
homohug0 (1 week ago) -1 Reply
Reformation is a part of the revolution.

Don't get me wrong though.. We agree in many ways.
edrickcarrero (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply
I think you know not of what you speak fellow man. The reason why what we call communism has failed miserably in history is because it is not communism; these systems established by these leaders in different countries was merely a system to satisfy their petty ambitions of recognition and their failed dreams.
Communism, you see, is but an economic form of government;not social, but tied greatly with society, if you understand me. Communism in its pure form, non attainable, supports all for man
Mwaterfall (3 weeks ago) +1 Reply
Again, Socialism can be made compatible with Democracy.

A Socialist Democracy is a "FAIR" MARKET instead of a FREE MARKET. And with any freedom you need laws and regulations in order to "keep" that freedom. But this is not possible under Capitalism unless you heavily tax the rich, and that's never going to happen. A free market must be fair! And that is where a Socialist Democracy comes in

Property unless for "your person" & businesses should be owned and managed by the people (free state)
TechnoDeathKorpz (3 weeks ago) -5 Reply
A free market must be fair?

Logical fallacy: a free market is not fair.
Mwaterfall (3 weeks ago) 0 Reply
Logical fallacy: A free market is fair!
TechnoDeathKorpz (3 weeks ago) -3 Reply
No its not you idiot because only those with the necessary amount of currency have access to whatever goods. In a free market no one has an equal amount of money and therefore no one has an equal amount of access, so there's a gap between poor and rich.

Only a controlled market can be theoretically fair because the distribution of wealth can be determined and monitored.

Fucking ignorant.
Mwaterfall (3 weeks ago) 0 Reply

You contradict yourself: First you say, it is a "logical fallacy" that a free market is "NOT" fair... then... lol... you say, "a controlled market can be theoretically fair"

lol... I think you are confused, especially, calling me "ignorant"

TechnoDeathKorpz (3 weeks ago) -1 Reply
I said, "A free market is not fair." That was in response to your stupid-ass claim that "it must be!" Reread fool, and don't fucking misquote me.

You don't even know your elementary political theory. Go educate yourself if you don't know the fundamentals of the market spectrum. Until then, stop spewing your niave IGNORANCE and childish, wannabe propaganda.
Mwaterfall (3 weeks ago) 0 Reply

Got to leave! It doesn't make sense to play with babies in denial
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apacheslim (3 weeks ago) +1 Reply
the only problem with that is that because of the constant looming threat of the USA sometimes these people cannot afford a democracy as it can be manipulated by the US that is why some communist states come across as oppressive also due to propaganda
Mwaterfall (3 weeks ago) 0 Reply
Really the News Stations of America spew out more propanganda than those Communist states
Livingrevolutionary (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply
I beg to differ.
After all, in Communist states it's only government run newspapers. There is no independent press, only stations loyal to the Communist government.
Mwaterfall (2 weeks ago) 0 Reply
Sounds like a reasonable observation, however, I would like to add that in a socialist framework where a legislative assembly elected by the people and for the people rules the government, journalism would benefit more the common good, if it is nationalized, screened and filtered from propaganda and any thing that is not factual and fair

When it comes to information, truth, and competition for viewers that is not a good mix. News for profit corrupts the news media
SeanArgos (1 month ago) +1 Reply
Icon of hope of our century...
Viva Fidel
Viva Chavez
Viva Evo
Viva Socialist America & World
ernestonieblachalita (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Hope for what?
ernestonieblachalita (1 month ago) -3 Reply
Ask him know about democracy and free opinion. same did chavez, first said Fidel was a dictator and now is his mentor, of course is the better way to become in a new dictator. Fuck them all
miguelv2009 (1 month ago) -6 Reply
Elizajane41 (1 month ago) 0 Reply
Wonder why Castro stopped speaking English as he aged???
killuminati43 (4 weeks ago) 0 Reply
Now you may not agree with Fidel Castro or Che guevara, but they certainly had a charm about them that made them worthy of being noticed.
Pavlelalos (3 weeks ago) -1 Reply
He is an idiot,who killed his people with his politics...For me he is no diferent than Batista.God forgot Cuba long time ago...
apacheslim (3 weeks ago) 0 Reply
let me guess you're taking refuge in the Us

the country that has destroyed Cuba and many other nations am i correct?
itsacrises (3 weeks ago) 0 Reply
no such thing as democracy or republican ,
threelegduck (3 weeks ago) 0 Reply
canada .. yes .. have a very nice pussy. we have no diffcult, there in canada to get the pubic opinions.
classickc (3 weeks ago) -4 Reply
Fidel is the greatest Gift ever brought to humanity from God to bring democracy, social justice and dignity worldwide!
gmontalcc (2 weeks ago) +2 Reply
Life is full of complexities - 1:31 question? Why then had to be turn around 360 and convert to communist?, and everything what he stated then did not do, on the contrary, he killed the democracy as he killed hundreds upon hundreds of man and women who spoke againts communist Cuba violating freedom and human rights..
TopGearCrippleNr1 (2 weeks ago) +1 Reply
I think fidel handled his cigars pretty good
deuncubano (2 weeks ago) -4 Reply
cuba si castro no
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cuba si castro no
DaReal2k9 (1 week ago) -1 Reply
what the hell? he speaks english? since when?
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ironshell90 (1 week ago) 0 Reply
Say no 2 globalization b4 castro say no 2 globalization after castro fuck amerikkka
micczar (1 week ago) +1 Reply
fuk all the governments and fuk politics they all only look out for themselves even though they say they are for the people
DNchap1417 (1 week ago) +2 Reply
happy birthday Fidel!
19transilvania54 (1 week ago) -4 Reply
Feliz cumpleanos Fidel !!
Happy birthday Fidel !!
andrewmalacara1 (1 week ago) +1 Reply
the usa even today fears a revolution, usa fears what there roots are
DonRoccoCiciarelli (1 week ago) +6 Reply
Mr. Castro is the best leader in the world. He loves his people and gives them respect, food, and education. The US is the one that killed off Cuba with its blockades and murderous actions thus blocking off Havana and the rest of the island from funds. Mr. Castro wants peace and love. Mr. Chavez wants the same. The US always started wars. Look at Iraq, Vietnam, Grenada, etc. They also started the only nuclear war....Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They were almost ready to assasinate the Cubans too.
unscenegamers (6 days ago) 0 Reply
The truth is that they made a attack on Cuba with a level of soldiers above the green berte and got wiped out for doing it.
VeryInteresting2day (6 days ago) 0 Reply
Hmmm and explain to me what did Castro do for us?
Of course he gave us education, but I can tell you It wasn't very good. Why did Castro Kick his own people out in the 80s? Why don't they have medicine in cuba?You don't know shit You can only see lies when the truth is so obvious. Oh and also how come when Castro was going to die all his people started dancing in the streets? America has it bad rulers but guess what every 4 or 8 years they change don't blame the country, blame the administration

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