Thursday, December 17, 2009

Primer`s Cuba by Mr. Gonzalo Fernandez

an honest, personal narrative about growing up during the Cuban revolutionby El Mambi

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December 17, 2009: Mr. Fernandez writes in an easy to follow style, interspering historical events with personal anecdotes. It is interesting to note how he has objectively placed himself within the various settings, while still understanding the "big picture" as Cuba was changing from a capitalist dictatorship to a socialist one. For those young, urban Cuban Americans (yucas), this book will fill in many gaps as to what their parents told them and what they fail to understand as to why the situation went so tragically wrong!

The book also provides an explanation as to why after 50 years, Castro's system of governing still has not provided the "complete revolutionary man" that he promised during the transition period. Indeed, the fact that Cuba's greatest export are refugees and dissidents is explained well in Mr. Fernandez's book. For those uninformed about the realities of living under a communist dictatorship, the details expressed here will increase your awareness. For those wishing to review what went wrong, when it did so and if the situation has any promise for improvement, the author will address these concerns. In short, "Cuba's Primer-Castro's Earring Economy" will educate, provoke thought and resolve unanswered questions!


Gonzalo Fernández said...

Conchita, muchas gracias por tu "posting". Gonzalo

vibi said...

Salió el libro en español?