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Festejando con Fidel Hace un Año

" Creelo o No "

Messages of support

Harold Pinter
Nobel Prize Winner - United Kingdom
Harold Pinter (1930-2008) Harold Pinter signed the message board before his death on 24 December 2008. Harold had been a long time friend of Cuba and was a Patron of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign for many years. The campaign was deeply saddened by his loss. A full statement and tribute can be read at:

Tony Benn
- United Kingdom
The Cuban Revolution under the leadership of Fidel Castro has been an inspiration and its effect may now be seen in the transformation of Latin America from the backyard of the USA into a living campaign for Peace and Justice, carried through against the American Blockade.

Jeremy Corbyn
MP for Islington North - United Kingdom
For fifty years the Cuban revolution has survived isolation, attacks and threats. The paranoia about Cuba by the last ten US Presidents and their administrations has been the threat of example. A Caribbean island with free health care, education and full employment is indeed a threat by example. Cuba has exported music and medicine to the world and given practical solidarity in the struggle against apartheid just as in the struggle for decent health by the world's poorest. Congratulations to Cuba and its people; may the isolation end!"

Brendan Barber
TUC General Secretary - United Kingdom
Over the last 50 years, Cuba has achieved much in areas like health and education, in the face of an illegal blockade by the US. The TUC opposes the blockade and calls for closer diplomatic and trading ties. Solidarity with the people of Cuba.

Dave Prentis
General Secretary Unison, - United Kingdom
When Fidel said in 1953 "History will absolve me" he probably did not forsee the awesome achievements, in the face of unbelievable odds, that the Cuban revolution would go onto achieve under his leadership. Cuba's commitment to public services alongside its amazing internationalism has been a source of inspiration not only for UNISON members in the UK but trade unionists around the world. I wish the Cuban people well for the next fifty years

Tony Woodley
Joint General Secretary, Unite - United Kingdom
These fifty years say proudly that the Cuban people will not be crushed and will stand up for their right to self-determination. Congratulations Cuba - you give hope to us all. 2009 must also be the year that Cuba and the US open a new chapter together. As the world watches power pass to President Obama, now is the time to show that change really has come to America. The US must lift the blockade and show that it respects and accepts Cuba as an independent nation.

Derek Simpson
Joint General Secretary, Unite the Union - United Kingdom
Congratulations to the Cuban people on the 50th anniversary of their Revolution. Your achievements and internationalism are an example to everyone working to make a better world possible.

Ian Gibson
MP for Norwich North - United Kingdom
I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the people of Cuba on this historic occasion. 50 years since the revolution and Cuba has advanced in so many ways. They have a world class biotechnology industry and a health system that rivals any in the world while students in the UK can only dream of the free University education like that enjoyed by Cuban students. Please know your colleagues here in the UK will continue to campaign in solidarity against the illegal blockade.

Linda Riordan
MP for Halifax - United Kingdom
Angela E. Smith
MP for Basildon - United Kingdom
Sally Hunt
UCU general secretary - United Kingdom
Michael Connarty
MP for Linlithgow & Falkirk East - United Kingdom
The Cuban revolution delivered the people from corrupt tyranny 50 years ago. On this special anniversary it is time for the USA to create a new peaceful dialogue with Cuba, built on mutual respect and co-existence.

Rob Miller
Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Director - United Kingdom
Best wishes from the Cuba Solidarity Campaign on this wonderful anniversary. Your strength, dignity and determination in the face of unwarranted continual aggression has been an example to all. Above all the people of Cuba have shown the world that there is a better, more just and humane, way to live our lives. Your spirit of internationalism inspires us all. From your doctors in the foothills of the Himalayas to the faces of the Chernobyl children treated in Cuban hospitals, we can see the real spirit of internationalism. You are rightly proud of your Revolution, the Cuba Solidarity Campaign is proud to give solidarity. Venceremos

Victoria Brittain
writer - United Kingdom
The Cuban revolution, with its great triumphs in health and education, and the selfless ordinary Cubans who have given these gifts to transform so many lives in Africa, are an inspiration for us all, as they have been for countless millions over fifty years.

Keith Sonnet
UNISON - United Kingdom
The Cuban revolution has been an inspiration for all trade unionists for the last 50 years. It will continue to show that another world is possible based upon peace, social justice and human rights. Congratulations to the Cuban people for all they have achieved.

Les Bayliss
- United Kingdom In solidarity

Bill Greenshields
President, National Union of Teachers - United Kingdom
50 years of the Cuban Revolution has meant 50 years of sustained progress and achievement in education - a fantastic example to us all of what can be done when the needs of the people are put first, rather than the needs of the very few rich and powerful who benefit from education privatisation. Congratulations on the 50th anniversary, and thank you for showing that "Another World Is Possible."

George Galloway
MP for Bethnal Green & Bow - United Kingdom
Hasta Siempre Commandantes Fidel Castro Raul Castro Che Guevara Camilo Cienfuegos – Presente! Viva the Cuban Revolution; luminous, dignified, alive!

Ann Cryer
MP for Keighley - United Kingdom
Ken Gill
- United Kingdom
Congratulations to the Cuban people on 50 years of successful and heroic defence of the Revolution. Your sacrifices have not been in vain. The alternative society you have created remains a bright beacon of hope and confidence not only for LatinAmerica but for people throughout the world.
Ken Loach
- United Kingdom -

Colin Burgon
MP for Elmet - United Kingdom
The 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution is a time when it's particularly appropriate to focus upon the fundamental gains that the Revolution has brought to the Cuban people - free universal education and free universal healthcare. It's also a time to reflect upon the fact that in the last 50 years Cuba has been a beacon of humanitarian internationalism not only in Latin America but throughout the world. As a developed country, I believe we have much to learn from Cuba's use of its resources for the mass of its people and from its progressive role in the wider world.

Ken Livingstone
- United Kingdom
It is perhaps easy to lose sight of why Cuba needed a new start fifty years ago, or what it would have meant for Cubans if the corrupt US-backed regime had not been removed by the Cuban revolution. In ending the period of colonialisation that had turned Cuba into a haven for crime and misrule Cubans were able to start building a society based on the needs of their own people. This has made Cuba a focus for millions, particularly the poorest, in the Caribbean and Latin America, and indeed around the world. Cuba's great achievement is to demonstrate to the peoples of the world living with the brutal consequences of neo-liberalism that there is an alternative - that basic human requirements like good health and a decent education need not be the exclusive preserve of the richest, and they can be delivered even in the teeth of a callous and illegal blockade. Cuba's achievement in delivering real social gains for its people despite the aggression of the blockade has been combined with its efforts to promote peace and international justice, and more recently its work to protect the environment. All of this means that fifty years on Cuba continues to make its mark. I do not believe that the fiftieth anniversary of the Cuban revolution should go by without particular mention of Cuba's efforts in Angola to defeat the racist apartheid state of South Africa, a contribution that is still not sufficiently widely understood and which underlines the selflessness and humanity of the Cuban people. This act of internationalism would never have happened without the events of 1959.

Elaine Smith
MSP Coatbridge & Chryston; Convenor of CPG on Cuba in the Scottish Parliament - United Kingdom
Cuba’s story is a real life David & Goliath one; the massive power & influence of capitalist USA versus a small socialist community. Over the past 50 years there have been enormous achievements in terms of healthcare, education & poverty reduction. Cuba also exports its health professionals across Latin America & other parts of the developing world; showing the internationalism of the revolution. This success has been achieved in the most difficult of circumstances, exacerbated by the illegal & cruel US embargo which must end. I have no doubt that the Cuban revolution will be helped by the new climate in Latin America where popularly elected leaders such as Chavez in Venezuela & Morales in Bolivia have strengthened support for socialism. These socialist countries set an example for a different way of living & these advances for socialism across Latin America are a cause for rejoicing amongst socialists here. Cuba shows what can be done: even when isolated, bullied & victimized it is possible to create a better society where the living standards of all are put above the rights of a few to accrue excessive wealth. I want to extend my support to Cuba in this historic 50th year of the revolution particularly since that small island under siege acts as a beacon to socialists & shows us that another world is indeed possible. Viva Cuba!

David Drew
MP for Stroud - United Kingdom
Congratulations to the citizens of Cuba. Their revolution has been an inspiration for us all.

Leanne Wood
Welsh Assembly Member - United Kingdom
I'd love to be back in Cuba for the 50 year celebrations. We'll have a party in Wales, in solidarity!

Ronan Bennett
writer - Ireland
Christine Blower
Acting General Secretary, National Union of Teachers - United Kingdom -

John McDonnell
MP for Hayes & Harlington - United Kingdom
Harry Cohen
MP for Leyton & Wanstead - United Kingdom
Congratulations to the Cuban People on the 50th anniversary of their revolution. I congratulate Cuba on achieving great things such as healthcare and education despite the US embargo and continuous hostility. I send my solidarity best wishes to the Cuban people for another 50 years free from the excesses of capitalism.

Len McCluskey
Assistant General Secretary, Unite - United Kingdom
We salute the people of Cuba for fifty years of resilience and your determination to govern your future. Fifty years of blockade have not stopped the Cuban people from building a society based on justice, peace and equality. After 50 years, Cuba continues to shine as a beacon of hope across the world for all of those who believe a better world is possible. Felicidades to our Cuban comrades on this memorable day.

Adrian Weir
Secretary, SERTUC International Committee - United Kingdom
Best wishes and solidarity greetings to Cuban workers particulary their trade union centre, the CTC. Cuba has been a bulwark against neo-liberalism and a beacon of hope for the global south. Venceremos!

Megan Dobney
SERTUC Regional Secretary - United Kingdom
"role model" is an overused term - but the inspiration of example is vital in keeping the spark of hope alive. SERTUC looks forward to the end of the illegal blockade and salutes the spirit and strength of the Cuban people and their representatives.

Jim McGovern
MP, Dundee West - United Kingdom
My wife Norma and I were fortunate enough to be given a tour of the Havana School of Medicine and also a tour of a Primary School in Havana. The picture shown is of Norma and I with a class of pupils, 8 to 9 years old. I believe that in Cuba both their health service and their education system are exemplary.

Mick Shaw
President Fire Brigades Union - United Kingdom
The Cuban Revolution has survived despite more than 50 years of aggression from the US Government. Its record in education and healthcare is an inspiration to people throughout the world. Its record of internationalism is a tremendous example to all of us. Viva la Revolucion Cubana

Tony Graham
theatre director - United Kingdom Viva Cuba!
Neil Gerrard
MP for Walthamstow - United Kingdom
Harsev Bains
National General Secretary Indian Workers Association (GB) - United Kingdom Solidarity and greetings to the inspirational people of Cuba and the Communist Party of Cuba for illuminating the path of progress and socialism for the last fifty years. The establishment of a society free from racism and exploitation is an example for us all. Your international expressions of solidarity, providing medical aid and assistance in the remotest parts of the world, risking all and expecting nothing will never be forgotten. Congratulations on achieving fifty years of freedom and progress.

Nerys Evans
Welsh Assembly Member - United Kingdom
Susan Michie
Vice Chair, Cuba Solidarity Campaign - United Kingdom
More than ever, people across the globe need to know that Another World is Possible. You, our sisters and brothers in Cuba, continue to hearten and inspire us and millions of others in your demonstration of humanity, respect, warmth and dignity. The achievements of your Revolution burn bright after 50 years, lighting up a path for others to follow. We celebrate with you. Gracias and venceremos!

Bill Kidd
MSP - United Kingdom
Europe must stand up to the pressure of the US and support the Cuban People against the oppression of the Embargo.

David Chaytor
MP for Bury North - United Kingdom
I would like to send my warmest congratulations to the people of Cuba on this historic occasion, the 50th anniversary of the Revolution. Despite the irrational blockade by the US, the Revolution has brought many gains to the Cuban people – including free universal education and a free universal world class health system. The developed world has much to learn from Cuba's use of its resources for the mass of its people. Cuba's commitment to public services and its internationalism have been a source of inspiration around the world. I want to see closer diplomatic and trading ties with Cuba from the UK and EU. And 2009 must be the year that Cuba and the US have a new start as neighbours in the same region. President Obama has the opportunity to show that change really has come to America. The US must lift the blockade and show that it respects and accepts Cuba as an independent nation. I wish the Cuban people well for the next fifty years.

Jeremy Dear
General Secretary, NUJ - United Kingdom
Congratulations to the people of Cuba who in the face of an illegal blockade have fought with a revolutionary spirit for the right to education, health and self-determination.

Moz Greenshields
UNISON National Executive member - United Kingdom
As working people here in Britain and all over the "free market" world fear the loss of their jobs and homes, cuts to their pensions and social provision, it is good to be able to show people that life does not have to be like this. Viva Cuba!

Andy de la Tour
- United Kingdom -

Jon Trickett
MP for Hemsworth - United Kingdom
Yvonne Ridley
Journalist and author - United Kingdom Looking forward to the next 50 -congratulations to the people of Cuba who have shown guts, determination and resillience ... qualities virtually non-existent in leaders across the West, but qualities which we see emerging in Latin America. When the people lead the leaders follow.

Chris Kitchen
NUM General Secretary. - United Kingdom
The people of Cuba have stood proud on the international stage and showed true solidarity. It is to our shame that the illegal blockade is still in place.

John Rea
House of Lords - United Kingdom -

Chris Matlhako
General-Secretary FOCUS-SA - South Africa
On the occasion of the celebration of Cuba's 50-years of uncompromising struggle for a better world. Cuban internationalism, which paved the way for the independence of Namibia and democracy for South Africa, we (Friends of Cuba Society - South Africa) salute the combatants of Cuito Cuanavale (on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of that decisive and epic battle) and the internationalists of the Cuban Revolution, who so selflessly laid their lives and continue to play a progressive reconstructive role for the realization of a socialist world! The peoples of southern Africa and SA shall not forget and shall continue the battle for the freedom of the Cuban Five and the upliftment of the draconian economic blockade! Venceremos!

Jonathan Ledger
General Secretary, Napo - United Kingdom
Congratulations to the people of Cuba on this special anniversary. We have all gained inspiration from your struggle for independence, fairness and equality. May these fundamental principles of the revolution continue and may Cuba thrive in a future free of external interference and oppression.

Jim Devine
MP for Livingston - United Kingdom
Your health care system is a model for the world


Irina Malenko
translator - Russia Dear Cuban friends, I am not a Nobel prize winner or an MP or anything of that kind. I am just a simple Soviet woman who since childhood loves your country and people with my whole heart, who is proud of your loyalty to the socialist ideals, of your strength and of your achievements and who will never, ever forget how you have helped my little girl with a free medical treatment while in a so-called developed capitalist country they were unwilling to give us any help. Muchas gracias! I am now writing a political novel, and your wonderful, warm and humane country will be part of it too. Alisa and I would like to send our best wishes and greetings to all the fantastic doctors at CIREN clinic in Havana and to all the Cuban people. Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of your inspirational Revolution! Куба - си, янки - но! Кубинцы молодцы!

John Hendy QC
Secretary, United Campaign to Repeal the Anti-Union Laws - United Kingdom In our darkest days the triumph of your struggle is an inspiring light.

Joni McDougall
International Solidarity Officer, GMB union - United Kingdom
A message of love to the people of Cuba,who have achieved peace and dignity in Cuba and have contribute so much to othere throughout the world - they also make a mean cocktail x

Bill Bowring
Professor of Law, Birkbeck College - United Kingdom
Solidarity with Cuba and its social and economic achievements

Peter Tatchell
Human rights campaigner - United Kingdom
Congratulations to the people of Cuba. Having already forged a socialist revolution you are now leading another revolution: the creation of a sustainable green economy that is a model for countries all over the world. For your next 50 years, I wish you - and all peoples everywhere - peace, social justice, democracy, human rights and, for Cuba, an end to the US blockade.

William Blum
Author - United States Cuba, the unforgivable revolution. What the US can not forgive is the creation of a good alternataive to the capitalist model. This model had to be damaged, made to look bad.

Emiliano Echeverria
Producer, Radio Cuba Canta, Transportation Author - United States I am thanking Fidel, the Cuban Revolution and its wonderful medical system and treatment for making it possible for me to continue to be able to walk. Your examples have created a new, noble Cuba, dignified and proud. Respected throughout the world. Long may your flag wave in the breeze of socialism.

Keith Ewing
law professor - United Kingdom An inspiration to all the peoples of the world fighting for social justice, and the right to self-determination. Repeal Helms-Burton and Free the Five.

Alan Carr
Hon Treasurer, UCU - United Kingdom Onward to the next 50 years.

Luke Crawley
Assistant General Secretary, BECTU - United Kingdom The Cuban revolution is a shining beacon of what a society should be.The provision of food, education,health and housing for everyone shows what is possible if the political will is there.

Shay Boyle
TRUST Devolepment Worker - United Kingdom
Best wishes from the Trade Union Safety Team in Derbyshire UK

Rupert Holland
- United Kingdom
Cuba's whole society, in particular the education and health systems, are an inspiration to the world!

Debbie Southerington
- United Kingdom
Congratulations to the people of Cuba - you give us all hope. I am just a normal English person but feel so ashamed of the US blockade. It must end and an independent Cuba recognised and accepted with respect.

Altan Ozkaya
doctor - Turkey

Tim Siret
CSC Oxford - United Kingdom
Cuba, an example that is behind the Bolivarian Revolution happening in South America at this exact time! What an example to the world, Che, you WERE right!!!!

Ann Gresswell
- United Kingdom
Congratualations on your 50th anniversary.

John Carty
Trade Union Official - MANDATE and member of UNITE - Ireland
Fraternal greetings to all the Cuban Comrades, the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba, and especially all the people of Cuba to on the 50th anniversary of your Revolution.

Danielle Kies
president Amistad Luxemburgo-Cuba - Luxembourg
To the people of Cuba In the spirit of solidarity and internationalism I extend fraternal greetings on the 50th anniversary of your Revolution.

Ryan Cockman
communist - United Kingdom
Communism is the only humane system in the world.

Emily Furman
- United Kingdom
Congratulations! I was there this time last year and loved every minute of my visit and the miracle that is Cuba. It is hard to believe that 50 years have passed and that you has done so very well in very difficult circumstances. We are all hoping that the recent events in the United States will change the whole world for the better and this is especially true for Cuba.

Juan Luis Sotillo
- Spain
Un saludo enorme al pueblo cubano, un orgullo para el mundo y un ejemplo para la humanidad. Toda la mejor de las suertes para Cuba

Phillip Pennington
Designer - United Kingdom
For keeping the flame burning through the darkest of times, more thanks than words can express.

Katherine Bradley
University lecturer - United Kingdom
Congratulations and may you continue to thrive.

John Moore
Secretary Coventry CSC - United Kingdom
50 years ago I was young, and so was the Cuban Revolution. Over the years since then I have been constantly inspired by its two leading characteristics: the steadfastness and resourcefulness of the Cuban people in standing up to the threats, physical attacks and economic barricade by the powerful bully in the north; and their patient building of a socialist economy based first on satisfaction of the basic needs of the people, with the prospect of moving towards a materially well-provided and cultured society - on condition that the balance of world forces contines to move against U.S. imperialism., so that it dare not seek to crush Cuba. The fight for peace unites us.

Avril Alexander Alexander
member of Oxford Group - United Kingdom
Mnay congratulations on 50 years of Revolution and showing the rest of the world such an example of how the world can be a better place.

Bette Jones
- United Kingdom
Congratulations to the People of Cuba - your strength and socialist ideals are a beacon of hope for the whole world.

Tony McGrory
International Officer UNISON Lanarkshire Health Branch - United Kingdom
Viva las compañeras de Cuba

Carol Stavris
Secretary, Cuba Solidarity Oxford - United Kingdom
We look forward to the day when the Miami Five are free, the Blockade lifted and Guantanamo returned to the Cuban people. Long live the Revolution!

Dave Eatock
- United Kingdom
Cuba Five lyrics: Dave Eatock Exiles from Cuba livin' in Miami bought guns and warplanes to bomb Havana Five men from Cuba went to infiltrate to stop the bombing to stop the hate U.S. found them guilty of espionage tried them for treason jailed them for life Free the Cuba Five Free the Cuba five Gave up their freedom for their people they hurt nobody they had good reason Five men from Cuba time to come home Five men from Cuba time to come home Five men from Cuba have served 10 years on a conviction of prejudice and fears Free the Cuba Five Free the Cuba five Rene Gonzalez time to come home Gerardo Hernandez time to come home Ramon Labanino time to come home Antonio Guerrero time to come home Fernando Gonzalez time to come home Free the Cuba Five Free the Cuba five

David Whatton
Fire Brigades Union - United Kingdom
Congratualtions - Here's to the next 50 years and beyond.

Barry Mayes
- United Kingdom
The fight for freedom may have many casualties but its ends justify its means. Long live Cuba and the peaceful freedom attained by the work of a few people who believed they could realise their dreams

NIgel Flanagan
Regional Organiser UNISON NW - United Kingdom
To all our comrades Thank you for your continuing inspiration and best wishes for the next 50 years! Looking forward to being part of the Cuba cycle challenge in 2009 with comrades from around Britain, hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Brenda Callaghan
Industrial Official SIPTU - Ireland
Congratulations to the Cuban people on the 50th anniversary of your Revolution. You have been an inspiration to us all as you struggled against the unjust American Blockade. Your achievements in health and education provision are special reasons to celebrate. Let's trust that President Obama will put an end to blockage and you can continue to build socialism - Cuban style. Here's to the next fifty years. Saludos Brenda Callaghan
Rena Wood
Trade Unionist - United Kingdom
Thank you for showing us workers of the world what we can achieve and keeping the revolution alive. All your sacrifice and that of the Miami 5 inspires us and gives us real hope that we can make a difference together whoever we are and whatever we believe in. Workers of the world unite

Mateo Gonzalez Lorente
- United Kingdom
Siempre con Fidel, Cuba y su revolucion.-Mateo González Lorente . Sociologo . España.

Mariano serrano
- Spain
Enhorabuena de corazón en vuestros 50 aniversario del triunfo de la revolución. Bien por vuestro coraje, un pequeño país al que no ha podido derrotar el imperio aún a pesar de practicar la crueldad, el terrorismo, las amenazas, la tortura y toda la vileza de que ha sido capaz. He estado muchas veces en Cuba y, aún criticando determinadas cosas, os digo que sois un pueblo digno, que el resultado global es bueno, que practicais la solidaridad, tanto nacional como internacional. Os deseo 50 años mas de REVOLUCION, eso si, hay que luchar por mejorar el bienestar de todos aunque os sigan imponiendo la salvajada yanqui. UN abrazo al pueblo cubano
jose luis martin-caro
- Spain
Cuba se mantiene como el referente de todos los pueblos que todavía creen en la justicia y en la dignidad humana. Gracias porque vuestra resistencia es la esperanza de muchos de nosotros
- Spain
Después de 10 años rompiendo el Bloqueo, La Guevara sigue adelante con la Revolución Cubana. Muchas felicidades al pueblo cubano

Rocio Cayetana
Madrid - Spain
Queridos hermanos: Solo puedo felicitaros por vuestra forma de ser, por seguir en la lucha haciendo frente al gigante yankee y porque sois el único pueblo que mantiene intacta su dignidad

Yuste Manuel
Physicist - Spain
Felicidades. Congratulations.

Ernesto Caballero
- Spain
Congratulatulations for everybody

Sabine Wattez
- United Kingdom
To all the people of Cuba, I have to express my admiration for your long determination to resist the US bully, and to retain your own identity. I admire how you value free education and free health care for all! I hope that more and more countries will feel inspired by your model.Well done! Viva Cuba y viva la Revolucion! Hasta la victoria siempre!

Juan Sin Miedo
sanitario - Spain
Ánimo compañeros, amigos, hermanos.Estamos luchando duro dandole la batalla a este capitalismo deshumanizador que trata de despojarnos de las conquistas de los últimos cuarenta años, imponiendo las 65 horas semanales o privatizando la salud y la educación. Después del bloqueo y los huracanes sois para todos nosotros todo un ejemplo de resistencia, lucha en la revolución permanente y solidaridad. VENCEREMOS.

Ricardo Gayol Rodriguez
President Fundacion Hijos del Maiz - Spain
La Revolución Cubana representa un ejemplo de lucha por la dignidad de los pueblos, de conquista por los derechos sociales. Y supone en la práctica nuestra convicción de que aún en la certeza de la capacidad del ser humano para destruirse a sí mismo, tiene también la capacidad para crear un mundo justo y solidario. La Revolución Cubana, demustra que este mundo, con justicia social, es posible, y hoy más que nunca, necesario y urgente. Cuba, a ti y a tu Revolución, hoy el mundo te mira y te admira. A ti y a esa joven esperanza, que es la Revolución Bolivariana, y la hija de las dos, que es el ALBA, y que ya está floreciendo por toda América Latina. La solidaridad incondicional, repartida por todo el mundo, estará siempre contigo presente. ¡¡Viva la Revolución Cubana, que cumpla muchos siglos más y que se extienda por todo el mundo!!

- Spain

Daniel Shacalis
YCL (Britain) Member - United Kingdom
This has been one of the most inspiring moments of history to me. I send all my congratulations, love and admiration to the Cuban people for their bravery and determination to stand up against a US blockade over so many years. Let that day mean a lesson for the us in the West, to be an inspiration to our ordinary people and our movements to lift our hopes of creating a fully just world for all people's of the planet.
Mateo Gonzalez Lorente
- Spain
Siempre con Fidel y la Revolucion.-Saludos desde España de Mateo Gonzalez Lorente, Dr. en Ciencias Politicas y Sociologia.

Casal de Amistad Cuba-Garraf Camilo Cienfuego
- Spain
Saludos revolucionarios desde la comarca del Garraf (Barcelona). Felicidades por el 50 aniversario de vuestra revolución, deseando que avancen los logros obtenidos.

Ángel Serrano Molina
España - Spain
Feilicitación por vuestro glorioso aniversario, pero por favor no me lo pidais en ingles porque yo no se hablarlo y menos leerlo, español, frances, italiano , si, pero nada más. Salud. Congratulations a todo el pueblo cubano. ¡¡¡ Hasta la victoria siempre !!!

Mark Burton
Secretary, Manchester Cuba Solidarity Campaign Group - United Kingdom
Greetings and congratulations to the Cuban people and their revolutionary leadership. For 50 years Cuba has steadfastly been a beacon showing that a country can be governed in the true interests of its people. Let's look forward to many more decades of progress: it will not be easy but Cuba has created the human resources and the will to continue improving its system of government and the quality of life of all its people.

Veronica De La Molina
- United Kingdom
Hasta la victoria siempre... Venceremos... Adelante Companeros... y vamonos

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