Thursday, October 29, 2009

Michael Douglas y Sean Penn de visita en la Catatumbas

Alguien jura que vio al senil de Douglas
con unas flores de papel periodico
lanzarla al agua en el Malecon
Flores a Camilo

London, Oct 28 (ANI): Oscar winning actor Michael Douglas decided to stroll on the streets of Havana while on a four-day tour to the country and surprised all when he posed for snapshots with the locals.

Patricia Rodriguez, an architect at the city historian’s office, accompanied the star on his walk through the capital city’s historic district, reports the Daily Express.

Douglas also visited a government tobacco shop, where workers showed him the technique of rolling a Cuban cigar.

Douglas’ visit follows a trip by actor Sean Penn, who reportedly wanted to interview Fidel Castro. (ANI)

(AP) – 1 day ago
HAVANA — Michael Douglas staged an impromptu walking tour of the Cuban capital's historic district Tuesday, posing for photos with construction workers and surprised residents.
His visit came two days after fellow Oscar-winner Sean Penn arrived in Cuba, reportedly seeking an interview with 82-year-old Fidel Castro, who has been little seen since announcing he was suffering from an unspecified illness in July 2006. He stepped down as Cuba's president in February of the following year and was replaced by his brother Raul.
Penn traveled to the Isle of Youth, off mainland Cuba on Monday to meet with local artists. There was no word on whether he got to see Fidel. He interviewed Raul during a visit last year.
Little was known about Douglas' plans for his four days in Cuba, but he was accompanied on his walk through Havana's old quarter by Patricia Rodriguez, an official at the city historian's office.
Among the sites he toured was a state-run tobacco shop, where employees showed the actor the finer points of rolling a Cuban cigar.
It was unclear if either came with a U.S. exemption to Washington's ban on travel to Cuba.

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