Monday, October 5, 2009

Armando Guiller Cuba Art NY October 8 to 10 , 2009

Artist Statement

As a young sculptor my work used to focus on themes as space-relations, time, and structural and modular explorations. Today with more than twenty years experience as sculptor and mechanical engineer, and thanks to my incursion in mechanics a tremendous creative fountain has unveiled before me.

My recent body of work called Mechanical Archetypes begins in 2005 with a volume of
pieces addressing the specific theme of Helical Displacement in space, which is one of
the most complex and important paths in the history of mechanics. The main purpose
of this work is not only to prize open their natural beauty and to expose the hidden aesthetic that I have experienced, but also to bring those mechanical concepts into an aesthetical and philosophical examination. Historically mechanics has enormous philosophical dimensions and facilitated much progress in the human race, through these pieces I do not intent to eliminate their function but bring them from an objective to subjective plane where a new perception could enhance the process of human experience.

The sculpting process that I’m using on this series combines one of the most aged constructive methods, which consists of stacking pieces in levels or layers to create
the sculpture body, with the most advanced modeling and fabricating techniques. The
materials selected are metal and wood, as they resume and link the past and present
of mechanics history.

Most important is my goal to reveal how Mechanics Principia can play a subtle an symbolic role through art, and how it can communicate not only with scientists and engineers but with all mankind when reaching points of human insightful.

Armando Guiller

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