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Armando Guiller Cuba Art NY October 8 to 10 , 2009

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Armando Guiller
El joven Armando Guiller de nuestro vecindario
expone los dias 8 , 9 y 10 de Octubre del 2009

Armando Guiller

Cuba Art NY announces the opening of the exhibition Contemporary Cuban Art in New York at the Dactyl Foundation Gallery, 64 Grand Street, New York, which will be on display from October 8 to October 10, 2009.

The event highlights the refinement and creativity of some of the most noteworthy Cuban artists. It features painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media from both well-established and fast-emerging artists who approach art in very distinctive ways.

Artists Lilliam Cuenca and Carmen Herrera create their own new realities through abstract works. The former with an expressionistic, very loose gestual process and the latter with her intelligent geometric style that is now, for many, “the discovery of the decade” as Laura Cummings recently noted in “The Observer.”

Symbols through psychological portraits are in the hands of Giovanni Bosch (Danae II). Philosophical images referring to the passing of time and the complex system of human communication is what Carlos Estévez articulates in “Los movimientos cifrados de la existencia,” while Heriberto Mora in “Una dosis de amor y un baño de luz” tells us about the interaction between human beings and their environment, inviting us to journey in search of spiritual values. Arturo Rodríguez, on the other hand, uses the human figure to recreate an aesthetic expression through composition, color and drawing with no intention of political, philosophical or religious discourse (Nude is a great little masterpiece).

Other artists with very unique propositions are Arnaldo Simón commenting in his recent pieces about the war, the instruments of power and the national identities in military campaigns. Gilberto Ruiz uses images that fight for prominence and appeal to the viewer to complete them, and Rafael López Ramos, who recently moved to Miami, has developed an inquiring research on the city and its relationship between human nature and the machine. Angel Delgado’s digital prints on canvas and handkerchiefs are a discourse about freedom and the lack thereof.

Mario García Joya’s photos are poetic documents of daily life and Armando Guiller’s sculptures bring us a mechanical world that is both ingenious and beautiful.

This exhibition offers a rare opportunity for collectors and art lovers to view and purchase important art at compelling benefit prices. The majority of the pieces are exhibited for the first time in New York. Additional works and a most ‘affordable’ selection of drawings and other pieces will also be available.

This event is organized by Cuba Art NY a 501 (c) (3) non-for profit organization to benefit its programs and fund the CANY scholarship fund.

A private sponsor viewing and cocktail will be held on Wednesday, October 7th at 6pm.

An opening night reception and silent auction will be held on Thursday night,October 8th, at 6:00 P.M.

The artists included in the 2009 exhibit are:
Giovanni Bosch
Liliam Cuenca
Angel Delgado
Carlos Estévez
Carmen Herrera
Mario García Joya
Armando Guiller ***
Rafael López Ramos
Heiberto Mora
Arturo Rodríguez
Gilberto Ruiz
Arnaldo Simón

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