Sunday, December 14, 2008

" The Little I Saw of Cuba " by Burr McIntosh

The Little I Saw of Cuba
Looking backward , recalling the scenes
and moments which seemed at the time
to be filled with events of the greatest
magnitude , one`s mind and views cannot
fail to be regarded as having been altogether
out of proportion . A very slight knowledge
of psychological forces leads me to believe
that time has tempered judgment in the
minds of almost all of those who have
suffered , either directly or indirectly , from
our invasion of Cuba. Many homes which have
been bereft, many hearts that a few brief months
ago were bowed with grief , have learned to
recognize the inevitable. The scars are there.
Until the last trumpet call is sounded , they will
remain. But those who have cultivated the
ability to philosophize , in even the slightest
degree , have appreciated the absolute futility
of attempting to obtain redress. Thousands of
harrowing tales have been told of suffering , of
sickness , and of death.

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