Monday, January 18, 2010

Treinta Años del Mariel Cuba

El Mariel
Estampida de un pueblo por
1980 = 2010

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Cuban refugees arriving in crowded boats during the Mariel boatlift crisis.
The Mariel boatlift was a mass exodus of Cubans who departed from Cuba's Mariel Harbor for the United States between April 15 and October 31, 1980.
The event was precipitated by a sharp downturn in the Cuban economy which led to internal tensions on the island and a bid by up to 10,000 Cubans to gain asylum in the Peruvian embassy.
The Cuban government subsequently announced that anyone who wanted to leave could do so, and an exodus by boat started shortly afterwards. The exodus was organized by Cuban-Americans with the agreement of Cuban president Fidel Castro. The exodus started to have negative political implications for U.S. president Jimmy Carter when it was discovered that a number of the exiles had been released from Cuban jails and mental health facilities.
The Mariel boatlift was ended by mutual agreement

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