Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meditation Mount Enero 17 2010

Meditation Mt

10340 Reeves Road
Ojai, CA 93023-5105
(805) 646-5508
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Sunday, January 17, 2010 5:00 to 6:00pm
Harp Concert Postponed
Please join those of us gathered on Meditation Mount
- from wherever you are - in a meditation on behalf of the people of Haiti.
No doubt many of us are already linking with other groups, organizations and individuals to inwardly send prayers of healing, support and comfort - addressing the immense suffering and loss caused by the Earthquake of January 12.
In the realm of deep meditation there is no separation of time and distance. Even as we are psychically touched and disturbed by this event so too we can reach out, hold and touch through the power of our hearts and minds.
This act of inner holding goes hand in hand with our individual response to give outer aid - awakening in ever greater degrees the spirit of Right Relations, Goodwill and acts of Compassion, within our human family.
As we join in solidarity in the silence, aligned to the highest good, together we aid in the creation of a powerful reservoir of hope, energy and spiritual sustenance to where it is needed most - aiding all Beings who over-light the land and people of Haiti. In particular, we visualize a mantle of healing balm directed to those souls who have passed over, those injured and in pain, those separated from loved ones and those in shock and dislocation. Let us also visualize strength and courage to all aid workers seeking to assist the situation - acting on our collective behalf. We hold that from this devastation, hope and new possibilities can be realized and the greater potential of the people, culture and nation be made manifest.
Thank you.
In the spirit of our awakening global community...

We highly recommend this best selling book Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure The World by Tracy Kidder. This book gives an in-depth understanding of the history, current issues and people of Haiti through the work of Dr. Farmer.
We also suggest you consider contributing to Partners In Health (PIH) who with Dr. Paul Farmer and over 2000 skilled community health workers have been working in Haiti for over 20 years and are currently on the ground helping the earthquake


Meditation Mount was the creative spark of Florence Garrigue who lived at the Mount and oversaw all activities. The facilites were completed in 1971 under the direction of Zelma Wilson, Architect. Zelma sought to make the buildings reflect the spirit of the participants, and serve as highly functional structures attuned to their setting. Grant Castleberg of Santa Barbara served as landscape architect for the center.

Florence, the Mount's founder, came to Ojai in 1968 to establish a center for the work of Meditation Groups, Inc. which she had begun 10 years earlier in New York City. After selection of the site in the east end of the valley, she worked closely with Ojai architect Zelma Wilson in planning the beautiful Tibetan - style buildings and arranging the financing of the project with generous gifts from people who believed in the work of the organization. The center at the end of Reeves Road then became know as “Meditation Mount.” Their purpose was the fostering of meditation to benefit the world. They achieved this by using small booklets written on various aspects of spiritual topics, sending them by mail to individuals in a rhythmic pattern of every two months.

Taking a step back into Florence’s past we can see how all of this evolved. When Florence retired in 1943, she moved to New York to join the Arcane school, an institution for esoteric studies founded by Alice A Bailey. After 10 years there, she and a group of friends started the School for Esoteric Studies in New York which is still active. She then became a member of a small informal group of individuals from several countries who met in England for the purpose of fostering meditation to benefit the world. They achieved their purpose by using small booklets written on various aspects of spiritual topics, sending them by mail to individuals in a rhythmic pattern of every two months. It was from this group and its concept that she returned and founded the US branch of Meditation Groups, Inc.


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