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Honduras Roberto Micheletti

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Roberto Micheletti
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Roberto Micheletti

President of Honduras
Assumed office
28 June 2009*
Preceded by Manuel Zelaya
President of the National Congress of Honduras
In office
2006 – 2009
Preceded by Porfirio Lobo Sosa
Succeeded by José Alfredo Saavedra
Born 13 August 1943 (age 65)
El Progreso, Honduras
Political party Liberal Party
Spouse Xiomara Girón
*Manuel Zelaya was deposed on 28 June 2009 and the National Congress swore-in Micheletti.
Roberto Micheletti Bain (born 13 August 1943) is the acting President of Honduras[1] and a former President of its National Congress. He is a member of the Liberal Party of Honduras.
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[edit]Family background

Micheletti's father was Umberto Micheletti who immigrated from the Bergamo province of Lombardy, Italy[2]. His mother was Donatella Bain, born in El Progreso, Honduras.
He is married to Xiomara Girón. The couple have three children.
[edit]Political career

[edit]President of the National Congress
Micheletti presided the National Congress of Honduras from January 2006[3] to August 2009. Although in the same Liberal Party of Honduras as former President Zelaya, there had been conflict between the two politicians before the 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis. In 2008, he sought his party's nomination to run for president in the November 2009 election, but was defeated by Vice President Elvin Ernesto Santos.
[edit]Acting President of Honduras
See also: 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis
Micheletti was named president by the National Congress of Honduras after the military arrested and deported president Manuel Zelaya concerning the Honduran constitutional referendum, 2009.[4][5][6]
Though he seems to have support from many Hondurans[7], international support for the Micheletti government remains scant; no foreign governments have recognised him as the president of Honduras, although Micheletti has stated that Taiwan and Israel support his government.[8]
With President Zelaya absent following his arrest and forced exile[9] in the early hours of 28 June 2009, the Constitution mandated that the head of Congress, Roberto Micheletti, act as provisional head of state as Vice-President Elvin Ernesto Santos had resigned in December 2008.[10] Micheletti was sworn in by the National Congress on a show of hands on Sunday afternoon 28 June[11] for a term that ends on 27 January 2010[12]. Official reactions from many international leaders are condemning the ouster of President Zelaya, many of them calling for his reinstatement, with Venezuela president Hugo Chávez stating that he is putting his nation's armed forces on alert[13], and vowing to invade Honduras if Micheletti is sworn as President.[14][15] The government have been restricting some media, including Venezuelan.[16] Cuban president Raúl Castro asked for the return of democracy in Honduras, and condemned the action of the Honduran military, National Congress, and judicial branch as a coup d’état[17][not in citation given]. The United States rejected the overthrow of Zelaya in statements[18] by U.S. Ambassador to Honduras Hugo Llorens, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. President Barack Obama. The European Union has also condemned the ouster of president Zelaya. The Organisation of American States (OAS) says it will not recognise any government other than that of the elected president, Manuel Zelaya.[19]
New elections are planned for 29th November 2009. Micheletti's government stated on 2nd July 2009 that it is willing to hold this year's presidential election early, and that it might hold a referendum on allowing Zelaya to serve the remainder of his term, although holding such a referendum immediately would be "difficult".[20]
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