Thursday, July 9, 2009

638 Maneras de Matar a Castro


Check out the clips from the British documentary that raises a whole host of fundamental questions about the US, their relationship with Cuba and Presidential authorisation of assassinations.

Was Florida Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen right to welcome an assassination attempt on Fidel Castro? Watch the clip for yourself here, read her claims that the film is faked here and see her subsequent retraction here.
What have the US been doing trying to kill Castro a ridiculous amount of times?
How hypocritical are the US Government to harbour accused 'terrorists' themselves?
What involvement have successive Presidents had in trying to kill Fidel Castro?
What have the CIA been up to on behalf of the American people?

Congresswoman admits calling for Fidel's assassination - Ros-Lehtinen is forced to retract denial - Orlando Sentinel, US 25/12/06
Congresswoman Denies Urging Killing of Castro - New York Times, US 11/12/06
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GOP Rep. Denies Castro Killing Remark - The Guardian, UK 11/12/06
Ros-Lehtinen: Kill-Castro Video a Trick - The Miami Herald, US 9/12/06
View to a kill - The Guardian, UK 28/11/06
Castro appearance remains uncertain - Fox News, US 28/11/06
Poison - a dark history - LA Times, US 28/11/06
Russian Spy, dies in London - The Washington Post 24/11/06
US Military plans to build compounds for trials (at Guantanamo Bay) - NY Times 17/11/06
Cuban aid wasted by exiles - BBC News 16/11/06

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