Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Portuguese Letters dedicated to Tara Domitro Terlebauca Dic 1930 - Dic 1972

These lines were first published in Paris
in the early days of 1669.Although the
letters themselves bore no names or date,
and made no comments about the person
involved, their success was immediate. Eve-
ryone was moved by their simple sincerity .
But who was the writer , whi ub ibe letter
called herself Marinana, claiming to be
a nun; and to whom were the letters addre-
ssed? Weeds grew wild over her grave in the
quiet chrchyard at Baja, long bedore her
story was unveiled to the world.

Shorty after its appearance in Paris , the
book waqs brought out in Holland in an
editor which named the man to whom the
letters were addressed , a French offer, Noel
Bouton, also known as Marquis de Chamllly.

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