Thursday, February 12, 2009

Memory and Reason of Diego Rivera by Lolo de la Torriente

Book of Infancy

Diego Rivera tells the story of his life. He remembers
with great clarity things happened during his infancy.
The boy has a great memory. His most vivid remem-
brace are visual or of the sensations . The house at
Pocitos , where he was born. His twin brothers Carlos.
His mother at the Cementerio Civil de Guanajuato. His
aunt Vicenta and his nursemaid , Antonia. He traveles
with Antonio to the mountains . The nursemaid teaches
him to speak , in Tarascan. How Antonia was and how the
house appeared to be. The woman that looked as if
she were of wood , The first painting that impressed him:
one of a blessed Christ, beneath two curtain , the sun and
the moon. " I remember that Christ so exactly that I could
make copies of him as if he were at the side of my horse.
That face fascinated me " . Antonia speaks to the boy.
The stars according to the story of Antonia. " i remember
the voice of Antonia when she spoke if these things that
I never will forget and that have forever fascinated me .
The goat and the fields . The voice of Antonia I have com-
pared to that off Tlaloc . The Popol Vuh his native philosophy
and the beliefs of Diego Rivera.

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