Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mr. Brad Lemack Thank You

Born and raised in Boston, Brad Lemack established Beverly Hills-based Lemack & Company Public Relations/Talent Management in 1982 after serving as a publicity executive for Norman Lear's Embassy Television. Brad serves as the firm's president. The agency's management division specializes in career development of a select list of new, younger actors and career growth and enhancement for more established, recognizable names on the client roster.

Specializing in both talent management and public relations, Brad's concept is designed to develop and grow client careers, while also creating, generating and maintaining appropriate client visibility to the entertainment industry community and to the general public.

A graduate of Emerson College, Brad began his professional career in Boston as a television and radio talk show host, interviewer and reporter, as well as a producer of news and public affairs programming. He launched the news department at WQTV-TV as news director and news anchor prior to his move to Los Angeles.

Brad accepted a position as a publicity executive at Norman Lear's Embassy Television in 1980 where he was responsible for publicity for many of the company's hit network television series at that time, including "The Jeffersons," "Archie Bunker's Place," "One Day at a Time," "Square Pegs" and others, as well as numerous specials and movies for television.

The launching of his own company opened the door to opportunity and exposure for him to other areas of the business that interest him, particularly the development, growth and visibility of actors' careers. In addition, he developed a passion for using entertainment, celebrities and his public relations background to benefit non-profit organizations in their own development, growth and visibility in service to the community. He has won numerous awards for his work in this area.

In addition to his client and business responsibilities, Brad is a professor of performing arts and communication studies as a member of the faculty of Boston's Emerson College Los Angeles Center. He teaches "The Business of Acting," the popular, semester-long course he created and developed for students of the performing arts, and another popular course in entertainment and interactive public relations.

Brad also created and presents unique seminars and lectures on the business of acting, as well as innovative public relations workshops for non-profit professionals.

In addition to his undergraduate degree from Emerson, Brad also earned a Master’s degree in Theatre Arts and Dance from California State University, Los Angeles, with a concentration in performance for social change.

He is also a contributing writer of the book of the hit musical “Bark” and has two other books set for publication. The Business of Acting is now in its second printing.

The Business of Acting now has a television component to it. Brad hosts the Web TV series "Inside the Business of Acting" on the Virtual Channel Network. The series features one-on-one conversations with successful, working actors and other industry pros talking about their career journeys, turning points and lessons learned along the way. Like the book, the series is designed to empower young and new, and older and "stalled," actors in the journeys of their own careers.

For a fascinating and entertaining look at how television and its "classic" series stars have helped shape and define American pop culture, and how their success impacted their lives, visit the Web site, created and hosted by Brad (who was forever influenced by the forces of television as a member of the first generation raised by the medium).

Brad welcomes comments from readers of The Business of Acting, viewers of "Inside the Business of Acting" and, and from our site visitors. You can contact him by postal mail, in care of the publisher, or by email:

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