Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cafe La Llave " Raices Cubanas "

dedico esto a Georgina Alayeto Vivanco
vecina de Calzada de Concha y Luyano
y al interprete cubano Vicentico Valdes

Our Quality Goes Back to Our Roots

It began over a hundred years ago with our ancestors, José María and Ramón Gaviña.

Seeking a better life, the two brothers left their homeland in the Basque region of Spain and traveled to the rich coffee-bearing soil of the southern Cuban mountains. It was on the productive land that their plantation, Hacienda Buenos Aires, began its reputation as the center of the region's coffee community.

But Hacienda Buenos Aires produced more than just the finest coffee in the land. Our father Don Francisco, was born there.

As a boy, he worked in the fields with his own father, watching and learning the secrets of growing quality coffee. He spent hours upon hours helping the field hands sow the seeds and urging the little plants to grow. Don Francisco also learned how to pick and dry the beans and slowly, over time, how to judge which were the very best quality and which were not. From that day to this, only the highest quality beans are ever chosen for roasting under the Gaviña label.

Today these same traditions live on in the Gaviña company. Don Francisco's four children - José, Leonor, Pedro, and "Paco" - who also grew up on the plantation, learned the art of growing coffee from their father. The company, now in America, reaps the benefits that come from this family's experience on their land.

Through selecting the finest beans from around the world, "cupping" each sample as it arrives, and making sure the roasting is perfect, the Gaviña's express their love of coffee.

It is rare, indeed, for a coffee to come from a family company that pioneered one of the early coffee plantations. It is even more rare to find a coffee company managed by people born and raised in the artful profession.

Beginning with their dedication to selecting the best coffeeavailable, to offering it at a fair price, the Gaviña family provides the best value in the business today.

Why not share our experience the next time you order coffee?

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