Saturday, April 3, 2010

Son Sublime 10 Aniverzario Congratulation !!!

This is to inform you SonSublime will be performing at the world renowned night club-cabaret, SOB’s. We are celebrating 10 wonderful years of music and hope to continue to bring our sound for all to enjoy. Our mission is to continue to provide this classic Cuban sound, the Charanga. We hope you will join us in this celebration on Friday, April 9th at SOB’s.

204 Varick Street
New York, NY 10014
Telephone 212- 243-4940

Fri-Apr 09

Afterwork Salsa Groove
Happy Hour (5-7pm
Doors 5pm Show:8pm & 10pm
Admission: Ladies Free & Men $10 Before 7pm
$15 General Admission for All after 7pm

$20 Bucket of Heineken (5)
Complimentary Garlic Tostones
7PM Intro to Salsa Grooving Dance Class
Cocktail Seating available

SonSublime celebrates its 10th anniversary, here at SOBs, on April 9th.

It has been 10 years since Jesse Herrero, leader and producer, reintroduced SonSublime, formerly Sublime. Even in these challenging times, SonSublime remains united and continues to cultivate and convey the real sound of the Cuban Charanga music. Fans will remember the Charanga fanaticism of the 70’s and 80’s, when this style of Cuban music hit its peak and the music has proven to be timeless. Great for dancing and listening.

Sublime was founded in New York, in 1975 and later recorded the hit “Coqueta” released in 1977 by TR Records. Sublime continued to record three other albums with recognized recording labels, such as Roberto Torres’ Guajiro Records, Inc. After a brief haitus in the 1985, the group returned even better. In 2000, the group returned to the music scene under their new band name, SonSublime.

Right after SonSublime came together in the year 2000; the band recorded its first production entitled, “Irresistible” released in 2001. To this date this recording continues to be popular. Later in 2002 another collector’s recording album entitled “Gran Reserva” was launched. Their third production in 2006 “Bailando con SonSublime” has become another classic and is revered by thousands of fans around the world.

Today, SonSublime is stronger and tighter than ever. SOB’s salutes and applauds SonSublime on its 10th Anniversary (come and join in the celebration).

Admission: Ladies Free & Men $10 Before 7pm $15 General Admission for All after 7pm

Afterwork Salsa Groove

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