Friday, May 14, 2010

No nos falles Pablo Duran by Conchita Bouza

No plays resigns

In the city of Madrid marriage Have Contracted
Pablo Duran singer Lolita.

Pablo Duran Protagonist of the play The
"Anna in the Tropics" has married the
daughter of the legendary Lola Flores, Lolita. Second
Happiness Attempt of the singer. Who is Pablo
Lolita Duran and as I enter your life? Pablo Duran
is Cuban. This met with Lolita while
Worked in "Anna in the Tropics" whose work is self-
ria is the Cuban Nilo Cruz, winner of this in 2003
Prestigious the Pulitzer Prize in the category of dra-
ma. Duran Belongs to the harvest of 1967. The rela-
, Started in 2005.
Five years .....
After meeting Paul and Lolita That Have form-
Their lizado to end relationship. Pablo Duran's career
is on a tightrope, however, a sinister producer
Has Been Promised the role of Che Guevara. Papers
Have reversed. Before the Spanish Arrived in Cuba in
apalgatas and corduroy pants. Today, Cubans arrive
We apalgatas Without exile or corduroys.
Today ...
The only contribution That Paul Duran Takes your mar-
minority, will be sympathy, decency and loyalty. Duran Do Not fail us!

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