Sunday, December 16, 2012


Las Posadas is one of Mexico`s most colorful celebration .

It is held every year from December 16 to December 24

of   7 pm.

       Las Posadas depicts the journey of Joseph and Mary
into Bethlehem when they were seeking shelter before
the birth of the Christ Child ,

           The candlelight procession represents the star in
heaven which was guiding the three wise men on their

          A different place is visited each night .  With sing-
ing and music ,  the people of the Street re-enact the
Holy travelers pilgrimage from place to place until
December 24 , when the birth of the Christ Child is also
re- enacted.

      After the religious ceremony we have a " Piñata . "
A piñata is a decorated clay " olla " filled with toys and
candy .  A child is blindfolded ,  turned around a few
times ,  gives a wooden stick , and three chances to try
and break the piñata. When the piñata is broken, the
children scramble for the candy.

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