Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Museum in Washington Ronald Reagan by Dr. Lee Edwards

Honoring the 100 Million Victims of Communism

A Statement by Dr. Lee Edwards, Chairman
Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

Quite suddenly, the Internet is talking about an "irresistible" idea: a museum in Washington dedicated to the victims of communism and in the name of the president who fought communism all his life and ended the Cold War--Ronald Reagan.

We love the idea of a memorial to the victims of communism. In fact, we have loved the idea since we started the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation sixteen years ago.

To that end, we have done the following:

- Dedicated in 2007 the world's first Memorial to the more than 100 million victims of communism. It's located on Capitol Hill, just four blocks from the U.S. Capitol. We were honored to have President George W. Bush accept the Memorial on behalf of the American people and the late great Tom Lantos, then chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee as our keynote speaker.

- Launched, in June 2009, the world's first online Global Museum on Communism, which tells the story of communism from Karl Marx to the present. Since then we have had 100,000 unique visitors and 250,000 unique visits from people in over 150 different countries, including, yes, Communist China, Communist Vietnam and even Communist Cuba.

- Begun laying plans for a bricks-and-mortar museum on the crimes and victims of communism, to be located here in the Nation's Capital. This is an enormous project, requiring an estimated $100 million to build a first-class museum for the over 100 million victims of communism.

So, we invite anyone who likes this irresistible idea to get in touch with us and if possible make a modest or an immodest tax-deductible contribution to help transform the idea into a reality. They may do so by contacting us at vocmemorial@aol.com.

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